WoW Loot for Prime Gaming Members: Lil'XT!

WoW Loot for Prime Gaming Members: Lil'XT!

We’re teaming up with Amazon Prime Gaming for a special offer. For a limited time, Prime Gaming subscribers can obtain an irascible pet!

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Already have it, thanks anyway.


Yay! Free Stuff!

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Guess they changed their mind about the Tabard of Frost after the accidental leak. Shame they’re doing a TCG pet that is the exact same thing off the store.


Inb4 people complain about getting free stuff

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I don’t.

So glad I never supported the store :slight_smile:

Got the transmog helms, mounts, pets and more!


do i get my $10 back from the store?


Do you get a refund on your water bill when it rains?


Or maybe you’re gullible enough to believe in photoshops

Go work at McDonald’s for an hour you’ll earn it back no problem if you’re hurting that much

Is Blizzard going to Merge with AGS and then merge WoW and New World???

Thanks, won’t be doing this month’s not really interested in that one.

I got mine from the WoW guild chat app subscription

When they retired the $3 subscription they gave everyone who paid for it a week of WoW and the pet

No, but they actually charged someone for collecting rainwater and using it for various things.

Like in the state of South Carolina, owning a fuel efficient car like a Prius is taxed higher than an ordinary gasoline car because they see that you don’t spend as much money at the fuel pump.

:ocean: :dragon: :ocean: :dragon:

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This is a really good pet to have for pet battles!

I’ve already got it, but enjoy everyone!

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Lil KT next month :crazy_face:

Got mine years back to wreck those that put down the train set…LOL…love wrecking those trains…still to this day I wreck the train set.


Should I make a thread about my face being slapped and refund cuz I have the pet already?

thanks blizz i love free stuff. your the best gaming company ever. am i a brown noser maybe.

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Why does Blizzard keep push the falsehood that you need to have your Twitch account linked to your Bnet in order to claim Amazon Prime Gaming rewards? You absolutely do not need to do anything related to Twitch in order to claim WoW, or even Hearthstone and Overwatch, related iems. The only thing you are required to link is your Prime account to your Bnet. I do not have a twitch account and I have claimed all 3 crowns transmogs, the Battle Bear, and now Lil XT without an issue. The only thing Prime Gaming has relating to Twitch is the fact that Amazon owns them and having a Prime subscription gives you a few minor Twitch benefits like exclusive text colors, emotes, a crown icon, and a monthly “free subscription” to whatever streamer you choose.

Lil’ XT is by far my favorite for leveling new pets.

Don’t miss out on him!