WoW its getting Destroyed by the Writers


If you thought we had a terrible writing wait for 8.2…

I don’t think they will recover from this.

(Goregroth) #2

When they killed off Garrosh… Yeah… that’s when they first messed up.

I haven’t gotten into any of the stories as much as I did with Garrosh.

BfA… I’m just coasting through it waiting for the next Xpac. Cuz it’s hot garbage.

(Bhorum) #3

You know, you’re allowed to unsub if you hate the expansion.

Unless of course Blizzard is holding your loved ones hostage.



(Goregroth) #5

The art and sound team are spot on in BfA! Everything else is meh… BfA is a filler Xpac.

(Bhorum) #6

I sincerely doubt much joy is to be found by logging in and idling in zones just to hear the music loop.

If it’s not enjoyable, do yourself a favor and unsub. If you come back later due to a new expac or promising content patch then you won’t be burned out having trudged through the monotony.


“Hahaha! I’m morally gray!”

No, you’re not, you just killed a bunch of innocent people because you’re ticked at the world.

“No, it’s morally gray! I’m loved but also evil about some things!”

Actually, that’s just stupid. Anyone can see through that you’re crazy and do stupid, crazy, murderous things because of your emotions. You have no depth.

“I have depth because I do murderous crazy things and have a complex back-story!”

It’s not that complex. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty ham-fisted. I liked you better when you were subtle and using background influence to shape events that I interact with.

“I’ve killed millions and now I’m going to find some kittens to punish! MORALLY GRAY!!”

You’re… ugh… hits escape to skip terribly written cut-scene

Blizzard: Oh hold on one moment. +installs patch to block cut-scene skipping

(Fenshire) #8

What is your issue with 8.2? Genuinely curious as to what you think is terrible about it.

(Fenshire) #9

I was such a huge Garrosh fan. The aggression against the Alliance made sense and it was something I could get behind. Garrosh Hellscream was the greatest warchief the Horde ever had.

I left just as Mists of Pandaria was coming out, mainly because it seemed like Blizzard was forcing Garrosh to go down a dark path that he previously was not being set up for. Here was a brash, hotheaded warrior who was having to come to terms with being a warchief. He was learning about honor and learning how to be an effective leader. Then all of the sudden, they made him a psychopath that completely forgot everything he stood for in Cataclysm.

It was a genuine shame. I loved Garrosh.

(Thaeron) #10

Agreed, why cant the gameplay and writing team be as good as the art team.

(Lahgtah) #11

The story structure of a novel, movie, or TV show does not translate well into a video game. Least of all an RPG.


Baine gets arrested. He is about to be executed.

Lorthemar and Thalyssra speak up about how they should not attack the Alliance and side with them to defeat Azshara.
Lorthemar quotes MoP that to stop a war all you need to do is walk the other way… which is quite idiotic when the Horde committed genocide just 2 patches ago.
Notes: Lorthemar tells us that Azshara falls and it is testament to what Alliance and Horde can do working together.
Thalyssra falls to the whispers of the Old Gods.
We do not know what “falling” means in either context.

we also have Jaina and Alliance PC trying to rescue Baine.
They run into Horde PC that is aiding Saurfang and Thrall to rescue Baine.

Jaina talks about this being the first step into being a possible way towards peace.
Again. Let us not forget Teldrassil and Theramore where both Saurfang and Thrall are complicit in.

Oh and Horde PC is forced to kill Sunreavers to rescue Baine.


I think the problem is they set up these characters to be revealed to actually be evil and we were wrong to trust them, but people still like and defend those evil characters after the fact of them being evil is revealed. Now whether that’s a problem with the WoW community or the writers not making it more obvious that “this guy is bad, you’re not supposed to like them”, who knows.

But that seems to be the main issue with the writing recently IMO. There are still far too many people who love Garrosh and Sylvanas when it’s clear that… you’re not really supposed to. I’ll give the writers one thing though, they definitely learned their lesson with Nathanos, that guy is definitely evil and no one likes him lol.

They’ve done it before well, too, like with Lady Prestor actually being Onyxia. They seem to have the most trouble it seems with Horde characters.


Funny, I thought most of the users destroyed it years ago, and this remnant that limps forward is the best attempt to keep a memory of a better game alive.


Im coasting too. The only way to not make yourself mad about this expansion is just to not take it seriously and just flow along with whatever is happening in BFA atm.


What makes the 8.2 writing so bad OP? I assume you mean all the Baine/Slyvanus nonsense?

(Ruddypiper) #17

You know there are 7 other expansions worth of content and many of the BFA zone stories don’t have that much to do with the terrible writing of the expansion theme right?

(Pikkarg) #18

Of all the problems in BFA, story is pretty low ranked. Just my opinion.

  1. Class design.
  2. Encounter design.
  3. Itemization design.
  4. Flying.
  5. Personal Loot in all-guild runs.
  6. Mission tables still existing.
  7. Rep locked to world quests.
  8. Bugs in various areas.
  9. Still too much emphasis on logging in daily. See #6
  10. M+ affixes and dungeon layout.

There’s 10. My personal top 10 anyway.

(Bhorum) #19

“Play the old stuff” is a pretty poor excuse to justify continued play of sub par current content.

Running old content is usually reserved when an expansion is nearing the end, not when it’s a little over a 1/4th through its life cycle.

(Goregroth) #20

It’s pretty sad bro