Wow item restoration stuck on loading all items

like the title reads wow item restoration is just stuck on loading for me for all items and i cant review any item restorations


I have the exact same problem. I’ve tried 3 different browsers to no avail.

this guy can’t restore anything but an alt on the same account and in the same zone can.

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Getting stuck on this too, but only on my main.

I’m also having this issue; have been trying for 2 days. Tried on 3 browsers, did everything the support page recommends.

same thing for me. Stuck on loading for one character, rest are fine. Blizzard what gives?

3 days later, here is an update:
it’s now suddenly working for my character. Hopefully this means they fixed the issue for everyone today.

I noticed the same problem yesterday. Tried it on my computer in Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Edge. Cleared the browser cache and retried. I used my phone in wifi and mobile network. On my wife’s computer, it works for her account but not for mine.
The website loads properly it just seems like the accessed information can not be loaded.

This is so frustrating! Im an idiot and vendored one of my tier items and cant get the items on the restoration page to load ><

I got the recommendation to reset my password (as a response to a ticket). Apparently, that does some magic in the background. I was not a believer, but some items get loaded now.

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Has anyone had this issue fixed? This is ridiculous.

Blizzard doesnt care, so its never going to get fixed. You can do all the recommended troubleshooting (clear cookies/cache, change network, browser change, device change, whatever else they might have you do) and every myth that might fix it but its all in vain. Some of the myths are to buy a stack water from a vendor and split it into singles and sell them, restore as many items possible and wait a week while trying to not sell/destroy any epics/rares/uncommons or anything else that might add to the item restore pages, ect. The water myth can somehow make things worse like I found out if anyone was wanting to try it.

Some suspect this issue happens when you sell a lot of trash items from quests or dungeons and deleting items you cant sell, it all compounds and does something to keep the pages from loading despite any troubleshooting. In the end we are stuck with pages that have items that are stuck loading. Theres nothing we can do to fix it so its on Blizzards end and only they can fix it.

In my case pages 2-22 from the total of 35 pages have items that do not load but oddly enough the first page loads but the moment anything goes beyond the first page its basically gone for good. As a note on top of everything else one random item on page 23 doesnt load and the items that dont load have the mislabeled category of consumable but the date and if it was deleted or vendored seems to be correct.

I opened a ticket because of this issue over a week ago and still no response. Even if they do respond its going to be a useless automated response or some kind of copy paste nonsense.

If anyone does find a fix or gets it resolved please post here if possible.

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Yep i got a useless automated reponse telling me “sorry we arent going to help you” and they linked me to the item restoration page. SUPER helpful.

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Currently having this issue myself. Deleted a BiS piece of gear by mistake. First few pages of item restore work then everything is just stuck on LOADING

Same happened with me; submitted a ticket, week and a half later received an automated response that didn’t even mention the issue in the ticket itself. Resubmitted the ticket, awaiting for a reply.

Yeah, I disenchanted my Goggles in the middle of combat. The restoration tool is still completely broken. I can see things from 3 days ago, but nothing from then. I put in a ticket, waited several hours, got a generic response, and the ticket was closed. I filled out the survey as harshly as possible, opened another ticket, and the estimated response time has gone up from 12 days, to 14 days over the last few hours.

Maybe something will change by tomorrow, but I can’t stomach losing that much progress and being that far behind for the rest of the expansion. I might as well cancel my sub and wait for the catch up mechanics.

That and everything I currently need to do is in the azure span, which as of now, hasn’t been possible in days due to the insane amount of lag in that area, seemingly on any realm.

I’ll check back in a few days, if nothing changes it might be over for me. It was fun until it wasn’t.