Wow is not dooooooooooomed

You’ll have many more expansions to play with.

You have been warned.


It will be cute! I like that they put a gnome in the cover of the new warcraft game as well. I think that the more gnomes, the better. And they will look adorable and their heads won’t get cut off by my teeny phone!


yes it is.


of course wow isn’t doomed

warlocks can only cast doom on enemies, idiot.

I mean, I assume it depends on how Dragonflight is received.

There’s a good chance if it isn’t received well, Microsoft will just pull the plug on new expansions and let WoW fester without new updates.


I don’t think that will really play a factor, the only way the plug will be pulled is if wow stops making money.


No it is not. DOOM has a better soundtrack.

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Honestly believe that the only way WoW has any chance of going back to yesteryear quality is if Microsoft get rid of Kotick.

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WoW better not die on me before releasing a murloc expansion


I’m not sure I agree with that, but it wasn’t the point of my post.

I was saying wow will continue as a supported product as long as it makes money.

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I dunno.

My eight ball says “Outlook not so good”.

They went through 6 expansions worth of content between Legion and BFA.

Emerald Dream, resolved.
Argus, resolved
Nazjatar, resolved
N’zoth, resolved

Honestly, at this point i would prefer them just using hearthstone expansions as base.

Blizzards last chance is Df. If its just as bad as slands, which this is blizzard so it definitely will be then its over for them.

Blizzard claims they’re listening but they’re not. Df will be riddled with systems worse than slands. Hell the supposed "flying’ is a system in itself. They pretty much killed solo and casual gameplay and confirmed that with saying the only casual gameplay will be jumping puzzles and rock climbing from what i heard. They’re throwing all their focus on a bunch of sweaty “hardcore” for whatever reason.

Not sure how microsoft would change things especially given how shady and untrustworthy gates is.

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Given that far less known and populated games still receive minor updates and are on some type of life support, I’d guess wow is a very long way away from having its plug pulled entirely. We haven’t even gone f2p yet!

I doubt WoW will ever be doomed. It’s too much of a meme game now. Blizzard could easily continue to embrace that and keep numbers stable enough until they get rid of all us old farts who want something else.

Step aside folks its time for Fortnite the MMO.

It doesn’t matter ,in order for the game to live something has to die ,what may be is unknown and only can be done by the creator. It is something I just learned and it applies to commercial side in the outer realm of existence.

Wow is going to be around for a very long time, that does not mean the game is going to be any good.

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WoW will likely thrive, but IDK about my personal investment. Depends on solo content now.

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Yesssss. I still have problems when I turn on the lights to a room. Because if you’ve ever grabbed a shotgun or a door key, you know why…

The doom music kicks in

:gun: :ghost: :skull: :skull: :gun: :ghost: :skull: :skull:


That’s not the one that kicks in when I am about to open the front door.

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