Wow hunters got aimed shot and rapid fire buffs

Aimed buff mostly offsets the trinket nerf, but also the notion that outside of Trueshot or with rapid reload, hunters aren’t really casting it anymore in 3s. Not enough reward for a 3 sec cast with push back for 90k-100k damage while the melee has done 2-3x that in the same span of time. Most casters have enough instants to peekaboo you to death if you try or they can begin a cast after yours, finish, and line before aimed goes off.

With RoS baseline most matchups you need sniper shot in place of aimed to get things rollin and the cast time difference without rapid reload is close enough. So if you have a window to hard cast, you’re not choosing aimed shot.

As for Rapid Fire buff, I got nothing for that one. We all knew it was a possibility after the DT nerf to holdover for a trueshot redesign, but there are better bandaid to try.

Tbh they should have just buffed neither, maybe even nerfed RF baseline, the 4 set, or any of the talents that augment it and reduced Trueshot CD until a full redesign can occur.

Also could have buffed Lock n Load. More Aimed procs would net buff MM against melee, without putting burst potential out of whack against cloth.

Boomkin. Possibly Ele if they can handle the software needed to bot the rotation.

Ehhh doubtful @ 1m hp.

Needs to be removed or nerfed in PvP :roll_eyes: How do you feel about proc’d instant cast Chaos Bolts?

Because there should be specs that have a low skill floor in the game. Easy entry. Simple rotation. Not much utility. Stuff like that. Fury, arcane, bm, etc. More then welcome to disagree by all means, but I think it’s good for the game to have specs that make the game easy to get into. It’s one of the reasons why hunters has been one of the most played specs. Used to be great for solo content, though times have changed some.

If people want BM to be competitive, overhaul it. Summoning a zoo of pets and spamming a couple keys isn’t exactly difficult.

One of these things is not like the others.


In the past, not really. Unless you want to be specific. I’m not saying that is how it is now…

Are we talking ICC pve or what

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there has been no point in time where pvping on a oneschool caster with cloth armor was as easy as playing fury or bm, at any rating


T r o l l i n g

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Probably up until MoP. None of those specs were difficult to get into from a rotation vantage point. That’s partially what made them fun, especially fury.

Then don’t PvP as a oneschool caster with cloth armor.

More times then not, arcane has just been gimmicky one shot builds and it’s rarely been meta.

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Not at all. o.o

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Is this thread about to devolve into something similar that the ones about aspect of the turtle

I can already see people typing

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if they cba actually designing your spec they just give you a win condition from 1 or 2 spells lol

interesting perspective from which to claim to be talking about pvp

this seems like a nonsensical thing to say

did that precede notorious’ return?

Imagine thinking arcane was as “easy” as bm or fury at any point in the game’s history PvP wise

Adroi you’re fried brother

no it isnt lol

Turtle is the best defensive in the game and Arcane has always had a difficult rotation.


What a joke.

I’m saying specs with a simple rotation ‘SHOULD’ exist. Arcane in the past has had a very simple rotation, even for PvP. I mained mage for a couple expansions for RBGs and arcane was always… the outcast.

Why though? Why can’t simple specs exist? This is one of the least controversial things I have said on these forums.

My dude, that isn’t what I’m saying.

I literally said SHOULD. Holy hell people. I get everyone’s out for blood on these forums, but can’t we be friendly for just a moment and give a fellow forum poster the benefit of a doubt or is making some dunk more important?

I’m saying, from a rotation stand point, specs that are easy to get into should exist. This doesn’t mean the skill floor can’t be high, but it can also mean that’s it’s low as well.

If you guys want me to clarify, just ask. We can have a discussion…

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Rotation isn’t really what makes any spec hard in pvp.

Arcane still isn’t comparable to BM in terms of ease of play to any mmr.

I didn’t say it was, but it can be for new players.

I’m simply going after one point. This isn’t difficult.

I can’t think of a worse spec for a new player than Arcane. Maybe Fire or Subtlety.

No, no, no, we’re not backing out of this one. :newspaper_roll: