WoW Hotfixes - Updated March 20

Delusional dev team.

Despite the fact that they say they have dramatically increased the size of their dev team, I think the new employees are still in training. Or trying to figure out what the guy they replaced was doing when he got fired, or left the sinking ship for a better job.

nope, they must still be working on brackenhide hollow.

“Hotfix” this bug from all the way back to WotLK! Please!

Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes.

February 15, 2023


  • Priest
    • Fixed an issue preventing the root from Void Tendrils from being removed when the Void Tendril dies.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Mythic+
    • Halls of Valor
      • Hyrja
        • Fixed an issue that allowed players to remove the damage reduction of Eye of the Storm with immunity effects.
        • Eye of the Storm no longer damages player pets.

Fix disentegrate for the evoker the bug still occur when I have all the essence I need to cast it my UI will says I not have the essence needed to cast it but I have it

Same with eternity surge if we get stun while in the animation it’s will goes in cd and deal no damage

Being like this since the pre-dragonflight patch

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Can we please get a fix for the horrible fps drops and lag since the last reset? Some of us can barely move when we log in.

Never had this issue prior.


Essence bug for Dev evokers still not fixed after 2 attempts to fix it. Now this one is happening even more frequently after the recent fix attempt a few days ago.

Empowered spells still sometimes cancel out.

Both bugs present since launch. Can they please be addressed? They seriously impact rotations and dps.


Just hotfix love rocket drop rate and end my nightmare :melting_face:

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Hyrja - Eye of the Storm seems to do too much damage now. Did a +10 and it ticked for about 85k. If my math is correct it should be at around 42k per tick there.

One day maybe they’ll address the mage bugs that have been here since dragonflight prepatch: Clearcasting doesn’t work half the time. It won’t cast the extra missiles, allow you to cast while moving, nor grant the nether precision. And no, it’s not a “Feature” of concentration - the shadowlands version never had these problems.


Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes.

February 17, 2023

Items and Rewards

  • Fixed a number of legacy dungeon items in the current Mythic+ pool that had secondary stats that were slightly lower than intended.

Enough with the baby fixes and do some more class balance already.


I believe this should be in the WotLK Classic notes not retail Sanq :slight_smile:

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Is Naxx going mythic plus now might be interesting.

Since we’re fixing broken legacy gear… a bunch of gear weren’t updated in terms of ilvls in prepatch like they should have been.

All these have the wrong ilvls:

WoD baleful gear where you click on an item to generate said baleful gear.
WoD garrison invasion gear drops.
TBC The Eye - Kael’Thas dropped orange legendaries.

Unrelated, but way more important:
The New Crafting UI leaks 1.5GB per hour if you craft at a rate of one craft every 1.8 seconds. This has been an issue since prepatch.


Don’t worry they going to fix it in 1 year :slight_smile:

At this time, the root appears to break instantly in group content after the fix. There is no mention of this having a damage threshold and testing with individual NPCs show they are not breaking it on their own but can be broken with player damage after about 10-20k. While a 20 second unbreakable root is OP, is the intended change to render this ability functionally useless in PvE instead of something like Binding Shot, Spear of Bastion, or Ursols Vortex?

I admit, I figured my addons were hiding the nameplates of minor/friendly targets and the “void tendril” was something specific in the area players had to hit to free themselves like a totem. This is just player based version of mass entanglement on twice the cooldown and 10s less I guess which does limit its use.

It is easier to just pretend like mage isn’t a thing.

In PVE, I don’t think it’s that OP as a 20 second root considering it’s limited to 5 targets and on a 1 minute cooldown that requires a caster to get in melee range. It is incredibly useful for a class that provides little to no other CC abilities.

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