WoW Hotfixes - Updated March 20

okay, but where’s the balance changes?




Disintegrate was also fixed. We updated the note to reflect that. Thanks!

Is the bugfix to Evoker empowered casts not going off coming soon as well?

What does this mean?


Pyre still does not register damage after casting and then going LOS

Same thing for eternity surge

Additionally, if you get ccd at the exact moment eternity surge is launched, it does the same interaction, no damage, and goes on cooldown

See clip


Anything for Screams of the Void+Mental Decay’s interaction with Mind Flay yet? This has been bugged for all of Beta and for all of DF besides the literal first week of the raid and it limits Shadow’s ST build diversity a little.

thanks, Deleted them.
no one has Normal bag space for useless currency.

Oh god finally that only did take 4 month to be fixed

There the animation for eternity strike issues when the animation goes if we get stun during it, it’s will doesn’t make any damage and goes on CD

Upvote my post a few above yours with the clip of the example of this

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So the bug is still there ? Maybe it’s will get fixed during the maintenance tomorrow?

Edit : but for ES the bug was still there even during the pre-DF patch it’s really sad there still no fix just that bug cost me some rating in PvP

Ive lost countless rounds / arena due to these bugs i feel your pain

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I suggest every blue post for the hotfix they does we will post you video just after it

Anyway they post they hotfix note between 21 h 00 EST to 22 H 00 EST if we need to do it to fix it asap then I will do it

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Also, bug on Algethar Academy , when ariving to Crawth platform, was fixed?

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Oh no! People aren’t reclearing heroic vault! Must be too hard!

Blizzard does not understand cause and effect at all. The number of heroic ras kills is low because raiding loot sucks compared to m+.

There’s no reason to reclear heroic when its way easier and way more rewarding to just farm dungeons.

Give ras better loot and more people would do it.


Fix would be nerfing ilvl M+ gives out.

Fixing vault to where it doens’t drop higher ilvl vs completed content and stopping the Ilvl creep up to what ever Heroic End Boss highest drop is for current content (keeping M+ away from mythic raiding). Making it where the final boss is still valid and prevents people from out gearing each other making raiding still valid while making M+ not as an influx in gear pollution.

raid giving “better loot” wouldn’t fix anything. The issue is M+ is over gearing everyone

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Hey all! Here are today’s hotfixes.

February 14, 2023

Items and Rewards

  • Fixed an issue where a number of PvP items had an incorrect item level and were missing socket eligibility. This fix is retroactive and requires relogging.

Player versus Player

  • Monk
    • Fixed an issue that caused Guided Meditation (PvP Talent) to persist on allies after canceling Zen Meditation.

The essence bug for Evokers was not fixed. In fact, I’m getting the bug even more than before.

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