Dragon Riding (+all "vehicles") Break the UI/Camera

EVERY time I use dragon riding, after I dismount, my camera goes insane, swinging around backwards/sideways when I move as if it no longer knows where behind the character is. This happens with ALL vehicles, since WotLK. I could live with a “/console reloadui” now and then before but, with dragon riding being a constant thing…

Fix it already?!??!

Here’s a video. It may look like I am panning the camera here, but I am not. I pull it behind me and it goes back sideways/backwards on it’s own.


I am having the same bug, but I have only noticed it since the start of the DF pre-patch. Now with dragon riding, its a real problem.

Could blizzard at least address that this is an issue? I am hearing now from more and more people that this bug is popping up.

I haven’t even made it to the Zepplin…

Glad and sad to hear that! I thought it was just me but cannot imagine why. I don’t have addons or anything that would make me unique.

]Same with a bug that makes all my chat look like this because “]” is my chat key.
]And when I press it to bring up the chat box, it types it as well.

I am getting this even without flying the new dragon mounts. Just walking around on the ground on the new mounts causes the issue.

Indeed it does! I added a video showing both in the OP. The auto center is auto “breaking” it instead. when you move it swings wildly to all sorts of 45 degree backward/sideways looking things.

This bug is freaking ancient.

I swear i have delivered multiple reports on it years ago.

It is. And yet, here it is again in DF. Just another annoying/immersion-breaking bug to add to the heap.

I have this bug too, always have /reload after landing …

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