WoW Hotfixes – Updated February 15

That’s what was happening with the totems!!?? I would be doing great then outta no where, bam stunned, then dead… Makes since now

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You’ve got to be joking with this post…

It took them 33hrs to post that they realized they buggered up the scaling from the time MT went live actually, so no, not joking

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It’s meant to be ridiculously challenging, this is the entire point of the Mage Tower.

If it was for original rewards, sure.

This is not, this is for recolors of things. And for many specs it’s not a test of your skill of that spec but a test of if you can play off spec dps.

This is a git gud issue, either overcome the challenges or don’t as it’s optional content.

Fix the Mage Tower. Why are you taking so long to simply buff us or nerf it? How much more data do you need to collect except for the fact that you didn’t test this properly after you took away our damage then you shadow buffed the encounters because you did one day of testing. Everyone here is literally shouting at you that its way over tuned. Reset it as it was on the PTR or give us our damage back or nerf the health/dmg of the bosses or remove stupid timers. Sigyrn was primarily a survival fight and now if you don’t keep all three bosses smashing you in the face to do 1k damage you can’t beat it in the allotted 6 mins we have to do it. DO SOMETHING!


Also what are you doing to do about the people who earned this through bugs? Yeah you fixed it so no one else can benefit from your screw up but the rest of us still smashing our faces against your crap development.

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I would say its optional content except for the fact that it’s the only content that has been out since June. When they promote the mage tower as a core part of 9.1.5, they don’t release with the actual patch,(they waited until the beginning of the next month so their MAU numbers look good) watching RWF raiders having to cheese encounters to complete them shows the state of the game.
Hard or not there are serious bugs and scaling issues with food, trinkets and old gear.


Greetings! Here are the hotfixes from today:

DECEMBER 9, 2021

Dungeons and Raids

  • Timewalking
    • Mage Tower
      • The Legionfall Commander buff is no longer incorrectly applied inside the tower.
      • Fixed a bug that caused the Endless Tincture of Renewed Combat trinket to provide significantly more healing than intended, when defeating multiple enemies.
        • Developers’ note: While we want to be as permissive as possible with gear choices in the Mage Tower challenge, this trinket was too powerful to leave unadjusted.
      • Fixed a scaling bug with the Crusader weapon enchantment, it should now scale like other similar enchantments.
      • Fixed an issue where Karam Magespear could fail to summon Hands from Beyond during the Thwarting the Twins encounter.

You acknowledge there is a tuning issue, yet the only adjustments are to make it harder


I do not envy your position Linxy, but could you please, please tell the devs to pull the heads out of their collective rear ends and actually tune this so the average player has more than a snowballs chance on the surface of a neutron star?


this is so aggravating!!! the majority of the player-base is begging you to nerf the damage taken and/or increase damage and healing done and you guys decide to do a hotfix, but the only thing you actually do is make this sh*t even harder??? ill see you guys again when you start to look at this as a game instead of a full time job for the consumers. thanks for the good times (when they existed) :v:


Yet no adjustments for guardian druid :cow:


There wouldn’t be a need for people to dig for these sorts of trinkets if you would just tune the fights properly already. For most of the challenges, you absolutely need to have certain trinkets or you just aren’t going to have the stats/throughput to win. There either needs to be less HP for the enemies in the fights, less damage done to you, more damage you do to them or a fine balance of all three. Please do something about the overly tuned fights, there’s only a limited amount of time to complete these and so many challenges to get through.
I’m seriously considering un subbing over this, it’s disingenuous to promote the mage tower as the center piece of a timewalking event only for people to find out the majority of the player base can’t complete a lot of the challenges. The tower is also harder than it was on the PTR. A lot of people re-subbed for this event and are left disappointed they even bothered, not to mention people have spent MONTHS leveling up all different classes in anticipation of this event only to find out their time has been wasted because not every challenge is tuned the same.
Please do something about some of these fights, I’m mainly speaking for the guardian one but there are others as I’m sure you’ve seen that need to be looked at again as well. This was never advertised to be “elite” challenges only available to the top tier players.


Why are you taking more stuff away and not actually tuning the fight? Are you that incompetent?


Do your job and actually give us more information. When can we expect something? Why are you hotfixing things yet not providing details? You don’t need to collect data. You need to listen to the entire playerbase on here screaming at you about how ridiculous your devs made this.


So does Guardian druid not get a slight nerf? Is it for other classes?


You do understand that the only reason people went and farmed these trinkets is because your gear scaling for SL gear was absolutely terrible… right?

What an absolutely awful hotfix. How did you think this would go over with anyone? Did you think? If you did… what about? Potato?


Makes me think all the actual good devs are the folks on strike and Ion, high off of his own smug leetness wants less people to do things so is pushing the changes himself