WoW Hotfixes – Updated February 15

Yes they are.


Appreciate some form of communication, but how about at least addressing the complaints from people? Or at least let us know what specifically you are looking at?

Many of the encounters require VERY specific gearing. Especially Trinkets. Others are made much easier with a full set of past expansion gear, with past expansion gems, and consumables.

This isnt what was sold. In the announcement trailer it was said it would be scaled and still provide a “Reasonable Challenge for Everyone”. Some challenges are reasonable. Some are a little easy (Fury Warrior). Some are Way Over tuned (Guardian Druid). Some border on impossible (Resto Shaman).

Leaving us naked in the breeze on what you are seeing are the problems makes it worse. And PLEASE, if you are going to keep the difficulty on 11 for some of these, Just leave it up. If you are going to tune them down, then let us know.


Hey can you please buff XP for killing mobs in the world and dungeons? It feels like you get nothing for that over here, a treasure chest is like 30 mobs worth of xp and the ratio feels off. Thanks for your time

^^^^ this.

How tone deaf can this company possible be?


Just allow leggos and covenant abilities, you know so the class feels complete?


When are you going to post the update to the hotfixes that says “we patched all the loopholes you guys are using even though it’s not cheating. Players utilizing skills, talents and items to assist with boss mechanics have all been nerfed. However, we know mage tower is still over tuned, but we aren’t going to help you guys with that”.

Thanks , Sincerely
Blizzard "


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None of these nerfs should have been implemented in this cycle. This is why there is a lot of hatred towards Blizzard developers. You allow some people to get by with bonuses like this and then nerf it before others can do the same thing. You’re shifting the goal posts midway through a cycle.

I can understand that you want things to work a specific way but that is what PTR is for but you don’t use it that way so you need to pay the price. The unexpected buffs/bonuses should have stayed for this timewalking cycle and then nerfs applied before the next one.


I agree, because many people bought things focused towards this and then Blizzard nerfs it. Now these players are stuck with a large gold loss for items are that no longer usable/worth it.

Hate to beat a dead horse here just… well going to do it anyways

I have to wonder if they pulled the achievement from those who were able to use the stuff they pulled from the game for the “hotfix” so they can struggle with the rest of the player-base of the game I would like to think I am a good player at the game being as I have been playing for a lot time, longer then I would like to admit and I can do the entire Survival hunter fight all the mechanics but don’t do enough dps before the room fills up I love that its a challenge just feels bad when I am using flasks food buffs potions when they are up and every cd I have on tap and can only get the boss to about 40% before the room fills and I get one shot. I will say I have had a blast learning the mechanics of the fight and its 100% a challenge just think it needs a little more tuning for the masses not just tune these special challenges for the top 1% of the players just my .2

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Hey everyone! :smiley_cat:
Here are today’s hotfixes:

DECEMBER 10, 2021


  • Warlock
    • Demonology
      • Fixed an issue where Shard of Annihilation (Runecarving Power) was also affecting Shadow Bolt critical strike chance and damage.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Timewalking
    • Mage Tower
      • End of the Risen Threat Encounter
        • Corrupted Risen Mages now wait 1 to 2 seconds before they can start casting Arcane Blitz.
        • Arcane Blitz damage bonus is now 40% per stack (was 50%).
        • Arcane Blitz cast time now increased by 0.5 seconds and increases by another 0.5 seconds for each bonus damage stack on the caster. The duration of the damage buff has been increased by 1 second to compensate.
        • Arcane Blitz has a new visual state effect added to make it even “louder.”
      • Xylem Encounter
        • Comet Storm now waits 3 seconds before damaging players (was 2 seconds).
      • Blood Death Knight
        • Kruul health reduced by 10%.
      • Frost Death Knight
        • Archmage Xylem’s Corrupting Shadows health reduced by 3%.
        • Archmage Xylem’s Razor Ice health reduced by 10%.
      • Havoc Demon Hunter
        • Archmage Xylem’s Arcane Barrage and Frostbolt damage reduced by 5%.
        • Archmage Xylem’s Comet Storm damage reduced by 14%.
      • Guardian Druid
        • Kruul health reduced by 10%.
        • Nether Horror health reduced by 10%.
        • Nether Horror’s Nether Storm now has movement and melee combat interrupts.
      • Protection Paladin
        • Kruul health reduced by 10%.
        • Tormenting Eye health reduced by 10%.
        • Smoldering Infernals now cast Smash every 6 seconds (was 5 seconds).
      • Holy Priest
        • Corrupted Risen Mage’s health reduced by 10%.
        • Corrupted Risen Soldier’s Knife Dance damage reduced by 10%.
      • Restoration Shaman
        • Corrupted Risen Soldier damage reduced by 10%.
        • Corrupted Risen Soldier’s Knife Dance damage reduced by 10%.
        • Corrupted Risen Mage’s damage reduced by 10%.

Items and Rewards

  • Fixed an issue causing the Soaring Spelltome mount to be removed from accounts on login. For those affected, the mount will be restored when logging in after being logged off for several hours.

Mage tower for aff lock is near impossible - unless you break encounter design - enrage Raest and kill the Karem and then drain life through the enrage shadowbolt damage. someone should look at raest health pool maybe remove some bring it closer to PTR. cause this is crazy.


Comet storm and razor ice are not the issue on Xylem. That’s like the safest part of the encounter. What’s need a check is p2 and the arcane ability where your in the clone room. The dot does too much damage combined with the slow. Cloak is not on cool down fast enough.


Well, it is a start… Just gonna throw it out there, Disc Priest damage has been nerfed countless times since the original mage tower….

And bears kits are entirely tied around borrowed power now too

I can agree, maybe increase spawn time between hands as well.


I don’t think it’s live YET. It’s still so difficult to beat.

This isn’t so, checked multiple videos I have from runs in the past couple days, and checked the HP on live servers. 10% drop has not happened yet


Probably won’t happen until Tuesday.

Uh… why is blizzard assuming sub rogue on Xylem is okay… if he had 10% less hp i’d win after 150+ attempts and 25+ hours spent… It’s clearly overtuned for sub rogue too :frowning: