WoW Hotfixes – Updated February 15

Because Ion is calling the shots and the dude is so baked off sniffin’ his own farts like the South Park smug episode that he can only understand people that are similarly baked on their own farts and self righteous smuggness


Come on now peeeeeeople now hybrid now.

The Mage Tower is a real nightmare and the WoW developers fix some snowballs.
This is just disrespectful.


Because they don’t give a damn.


Do this for resto shaman. 30% is way too much though. 5 to 10% would be fine.

Reduce fixate move speed by 5 to 10% as well. Frost shock, earthbind, and ghostwolf… they catch you anyway.

No… they don’t. They cast immediately as soon as the wave is active. Not really an issue, but this isn’t true.

Do this again.

Revert this.

They need to revert it back to what is was in PTR. When it was actually beatable and fun not mind numbingly, spirit crushingly stupid hard.


What is reduced? Yesterday I defeated Karam first and Raest simply got his 500% enrage and killed me with 3 hits.

Nerf it to the ground


What really sucks is that some of the hotfixes listed here arent even true… like… oh hey maybr if we say we did this, people won’t realize we actually didnt!

So many frustrating, weird things happening with the MT… dispell the feared add… start healing the npcs on the stairs… suddenly the npcs im not healing just both turn into soldiers within 2 seconds of opening the gate… what?

Finally make it to the final boss… sitting around 25% … debuff goes off… npcs all at or above 70%… boss just turns and one shots jarrod… what?

Fix your s**t.

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I unsubscribe.

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I have now attempted the druid bear challenge around 205 times. I can now successfully say that 2 out 10 tries, I can now get to Kruul. The 2 times I can get to him however, I used no extra potions, scrolls or food buffs. The other 8 times I failed, within 30s-2mins of the 1st phase, I die either from horrors, eye flinging me off or Infernals flinging me off or just dying from damage. It feels like the more buffs I have the harder it seems. High ping doesnt help either, 300ms, trying to push that extra swipe or mf in is a big risk. Also takes me way longer to get to kruul, far longer than any of the videos Ive seen out there. This shiznit is just way too hard, timing is everything, and trying to get into a pattern is hard as well, eye spawn all over (and sometimes when you use typhoon to interrupt variss and eye is like behind him they get pushed behind a pillar and you cant fn target them-ffs, infernal drops wherever and things seems to speed up and just lose track of it all… blah Ive tried this with the current gear I have on now, and with 216 pvp gear (unrated). Can we use “WhosYourDaddy” cheat here?


Need more nurfs to the bear challenge

let you have done what 100 times before

Can we please keep the mage tower until 9.2? Not going to lie it’s really the only Contant keeping this patch alive for now. Especially now it seems most of it has been tweaked enough to be smoother.

Thank you


You’re losing players Blizzard, fix your sh**.


Yay, 296 attempts @ Bear challenge and I finally got it done… woot woot… I was ready to give up… but lucky I went through more posts and found one that linked to - He did it with only greens and no consumables. To be honest guys, Im so casual at this game, If I can do it, you can definitely do it… just dont give up.

Soz forgot to say thanks to all the Vid guides out there, there are so many and different ways of getting it done… You all made it look easy, but it was really hard =(… But all the tips and everything provided in those videos did help alot… thanks again.


I was also on the verge of giving up until I saw this guide. Prior to re-gearing to all the greens in this guide, I was wearing crafted PvP gear with sockets and enchants filled out to the hilt, with Claws of Ursoc and double Lightless Force.

Switched to this set of crummy greens (cost me a fair bit cos they were expensive on my server) and I finished it in 5+ pulls.

If you’re a casual like me, I think half the fight here is finding the right gear before you go in. If you run in with SL gear, you need to be utterly flawless on your rotations, and RNG in your favour for the spots where the infernal/eyes spawn.

So to anyone else attempting this, I HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO GET THESE GREEN PIECES OF GEAR INSTEAD OF WHAT YOU USUALLY SEE ON OTHER GUIDES. It gave me 3k more HP and a buttload more vers.

I, too, would like to ask: please keep the mage tower at least untill 9.2 :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hello everyone! Here is the hotfix that went live today.

JANUARY 5, 2022

Player versus Player

  • Rogue
    • Outlaw
      • Fixed an issue that allowed Slice and Dice to trigger the effect of Take Your Cut (PvP Talent).

Sigh, I wish patch notes included something on anti-cheat and anti-boosting/wintrading. It’s why I quit Overwatch and have never and probably will never play PvP in WoW.