WoW Hotfixes – Updated February 15

Hell, I’ve seen people talking about petbattle win trading too, not just pvp

The problem is people will whale for the smallest trivial things now (even if it’s illegal/tos breaking), as they’ve been sunk costed into monetarily valuing so much.

IMO, it’ll probably be pissed all over, but the game should just add in Great Vault iLvL boosters into the store, to partially stamp out the boosting plague. Move it from 3rd party spammers who make the game look scuffed into a tightly controlled 1st party microtransaction.

Since people are flagging my prior comment, when I’m actually dead serious:
What got me to quit Overwatch was getting tired of reporting blatant cheaters daily. At one point I started looking up their discords just to see how bad it was, and there’s tens of thousands of people who pay $100+ monthly subs to cheats… After seeing that, and seeing it not go away after so many years, has made me avoid PvP in all ABK titles unfortunately.

My PvP stats in WoW are NaN; they don’t exist. Of the year I’ve been here I’ve never touched it.


Hello! Here’s the recent hotfixes that went live in Shadowlands:

JANUARY 28, 2022


  • Shaman
    • Enhancement
      • Fixed several issues with the bonus Chain Lightning from Ride the Lightning (PvP Talent):
        • Chain Lightning now has its damage properly increased by Mastery, its bounce distance has been correctly increased to 10 yards, and it deals 27% more damage. Being silenced will no longer prevent this Chain Lightning from happening.
        • The Ride the Lightning bonus Chain Lightning no longer incorrectly increases damage dealt for each additional target it hits, and no longer benefits from abilities that affect Chain Lightning such as Maelstrom Weapon or Stormkeeper.

Did the elemental shaman set bonuses ever gut updated for 20%lavaburst instead of 5%?