WoW Hotfixes – Updated February 15

I finally got to the last phase after hours of trying, and all of a sudden Raest is following me and spamming more than I can possibly heal. Not what I saw in the video. So freaking ridiculous. They need to just nerf everything’s health by 50% and call it a day.


Your change to the Druid tanking challenge today definitely helped as we no longer need to micro manage the Nethers. Thank you. Now if you could do something about the terrible dps guardian druids have and get rid of the 1 second cooldown on the infernals knockback. We would have a great instance/challenge that isn’t a crap show.



Just so we don’t have to see his posts anymore…

But but but Mr. Nikto… im really bad at this game… shouldn’t i be allowed to have all the stuff the .01% gets???:???

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Blizz is so out of touch with player base, this ‘nerf’ is laughable , MT is sooo over tuned…still, cmon blizz nerf MT and make players happy .


You don’t need to mess with the mechanics of the bear mt. Just reduce kruuls health by another 15 percent. Reduce p1 boss health by 10 percent.

Actually, remove the annihilate debuff completely.


This please. Please. Please.

Yeah, I’ve, in like…130…lemme check my notes here…132 actually, tries, I’ve downed p1 once, and then, because of bad RNG an infernal fell on Velen and killed him because, I’m a legit ‘bad luck brian’. I’ve had eyes spawn so far away from the boss, that even sittin’ with my toes in the puddle but not taking stacks I still couldn’t ping them with balance afin, I’ve had eyes spawn inside terrain, I’ve had eyes spawn inside the DH npc so I couldn’t really target it, I’ve had infernals bug out and just slam multiple times back to back. I’ve even had Velen once go “Do you know de wey” and just…run off the map before the inquis was even able to be damaged


Here are the hotfixes that went live today:

DECEMBER 16, 2021

Items and Rewards

  • Au’Dara in Oribos now sells the Incense of Infinity for 500 gold. Use the Incense at your Forge of Bonds to learn all conduits and increase the item level of all conduits in your collection up to 200. This item is bound to account, and can be purchased once you have obtained Renown 80 on any character. Note: Your character must be level 60 to use the Incense, as the Conduit system is not available until then.

WoW Classic Era and Season of Mastery

  • On Season of Mastery realms, the Unseen spirits in Duskwood will now reveal themselves when someone is brave enough to disturb them.

Yay want!! Ty I’m actually so excited about this

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It’s nice not having to depend on RNG to get your conduits, now if only they could fix the Tribute for the korthia weekly dropping 2x of the same conduit to ‘upgrade’ making one item completely useless :clown_face:

More nerfs to the mage tower.


Agreed, at this point I want it nerfed into the ground only for the catharsis of roflmao-stomping the guardian challenge


Here are today’s hotfixes:

DECEMBER 17, 2021

Creatures and NPCs

  • Baine Bloodhoof can once again be found in Thunder Bluff.

The Feast of Winter Veil

  • Fixed an issue that prevented snowballs from being thrown at Baine Bloodhoof.

Thousands of people complaining about Mage Tower.

Blizzard: Lets fix snowballs


I’m cheering for the Incense of Infinity. This will make things much easier for my army of alts.


agreed 100% rofl@blizzard

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well thank god almighty you fixed the dang snowballs, hey while you guys are going around being useless wanna tune the mage tower down for the average player? idk call it an Xmas present as opposed to that useless junk under the tree every year. could maybe listen to what your players want for once, take a page out of the final fantasy handbook since they are stomping you guys in every aspect of handling an MMO. from game play to subscriptions…seems like the right move would be help out your PLAYERS WHO HAVE JOBS TO PAY FOR YOUR GAME, wouldn’t you say?


Haha priorities is on top. WoW is like titanic and they choose to focus on making
an perfect snowball :joy:


Snowballs would definitely be at the top of my priority list too.

… if i was a 4 year old.

This is hilarious. I kinda brushed aside the rumors that they’re trying to tank the game, but I have no other explanations. How can you be this out of touch?