WoW Classic Stress Test – June 19-21

Yeah I had the same thing in the Barrens I barley saw anybody. This is probably an effect of to many layers.

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I was playing on server 3. The areas became less crowded as I moved through each leveling zone but when they were even remotely crowded it was an average amount and the mob killing/gathering quests were at least doable. Also, at times hours after the stress test launch, it seemed empty especially today “Friday” until I arrived in Stormwind for the end of the stress test celebration.

  • During the first 3 hours of the stress test I saw more issues with quest givers/NPC than I did with mobs/players. I assume this was the time where the developers were purposely stressing the servers.
  • I ran Deadmines with my guild and was able to get VC down to 10%. The dungeon and the mobs seemed perfect and we had no issues with connection or tuning.
  • The last and major thing that I want to discuss is Wand/Auto-Attack weaving. During the time at which my auto attack or wand animation would shoot/hit, I qued up my auto attack or shoot ability up immediately following the animation start. This forced my auto attack/wand to cast twice really fast before it actually switched to auto attack/shoot. I can see two animations happening before the GCD finally catches up to switch to what ability I want to use but I could never confirm if I was actually forcing two auto attacks/wand attacks opposed from the one attack.

Thanks for another awesome stress test!

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I started as undead Horde on server 15 and it was crowded. It felt like a party. Leveled a rogue to level 7, and it was fun. Then I deleted the character and started again on Alliance same server on day 2. The Alliance side was far less crowded and questing was easier to manage. I don’t know how crowded it was on Day 1 on the Alliance side, but did level a warlock pretty easy. The whole experience was a total hit!

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Y’all better off posting this in the dedicated feedback thread…

+1, I’m experiencing this in the Beta. I had no idea what was happening.

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Also saw some hunters with level 17 boars and I found out they were just leveling their pet to deal and resist more damage in warsong gulch

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So… when will Classic be playable again?


so is wow classic gone for now or is the server just down cause i can’t get back in now

That’s what I’m also wondering. I read the article and it doesn’t say anywhere when the servers will be back up. I didn’t realize this was just a 48 hour thing, otherwise I would have played longer.

But wouldn’t OC servers be located in Australia or something, for less lag? That’s a whole separate infrastructure that would need to be tested I imagine. Ofc it’s a lot smaller so maybe not.
As for China and Korea, is the interest for Classic strong enough there to warrant servers, maybe later, but not right away?

Hmm, looking threw the forums trying to figure out where to leave feedback? can’t? But here it goes. I stated as a Night elf shaman on server 5 it was easy to level find mobs. Then it closed and went to server 3. The population was high, but that was expected. Then about by 6pm cst there was lag spikes. It took about 30 seconds for loot to show up in your bags, and if you killed another mob you couldn’t loot until other loot made it into your bags. it lasted until I made it out of starting zone. Then just like always in other zone I always crash and action bars a hidden. First time I just had to click on always show. Second crash it will not show. after about 10 minutes of play I have to reapply the action bars for them to show. Finally I stopped trying to fix my action bars, I think it was causing me to crash. oh by the way second zone wasn’t crowed at all? was there a drop in population then? makes me think there is no one on? The last 4 hours of game play, Battleground warsong recap never showed flag caps or returns. The chat channel would not show up? I tried /instance never worked even though others were chatting and it showed up as instance chat. Finally asked, /raid but why? if it showed up as instance chat?

>stress test
>only invite like 500 people
>wonder why the servers aren't being stressed enough


This blows got it installed Friday night had some things going on and thought this was real access so i did what i had to do and return to find out this was just a few day thing. Pretty disappointed, y’all should stop playing and actually give people access if you want some damn feedback.

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That’s the live client, so its the same program you’ll use to make your character on August 13 and log in on August 27.

Basically you pre-downloaded Classic.

They would be at live, and no it doesn’t need to be tested. Retail is currently running on it right now just fine. Layering isn’t regionally different, and aside from the next stress test where they run up “All Regions” at once, Oceanic doesn’t need any special tests.

They did. And they did.

You have pre-installed the Classic game, ready for August 27th. If they’d allowed that without the test being anywhere near it, you’d be all chomping at the bit for release. Conflating the two things because of proximity, without reading any of the information posted in multiple threads, is not Blizzard’s problem.

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There was no invite. Anyone with game time active on their account could get in… There were at least 10,000 players on both servers.


Blizzard just pat Lam on the back, he has got a way with words. You can really talk the talk. But if Blizzard can’t fix the bugs that players are getting, players will walk the walk. Being promised classic wow, and fall so short. Classic population a month after launce will be cut in half. Pets not responding like they should, ui issues… People were promised the classic and will not stand for anything less. If you make the game feel like a ghost town, the game will be a ghost town. Did they even have layering back then?
Is layering a fancy word for cheep servers? I remember being on a pvp server and camping a rare node. that was fun. also during the stress test, I was trying to complete a quest for mob a mob kill. Someone took it right before me, he was about to die. Sure I was pissed off at the guy, but I healer him and gave him some buffs before I left. I’m starting to wonder if blizzard gets the whole classic vibe?
I was a junky back then trying to get the high of first playing, but every year it was getting worse. I never got that rush again. So if the rush isn’t there for the classic junkies, do you really think they will stick around? But Lam has the answers, just ignore all the junkies hopes and dreams of classic wow.

official classic beta waiting room now that the stress test is over and im full of sadness

Probably a mix of people going back to work, not wanting to play and rerolling on the two PvE servers they opened after the three hour intensive, rather than an issue with too many layers. Uptake was low to begin with, hence being crammed into two servers.

It is enabled you must be confused, the game you are trying to play is called World of Warcraft : Battle for Azeroth, your welcome