WoW Classic Stress Test – June 19-21

Last day… Auberdine is a ghost town (6/21 8am CSDT). In fact, played for an hour and no one. Still playing night elf druid, level 12. Got extremely frustrated and quit for the day. In bear form, fighting a bear, rage sat at nothing and did not rise. This happened twice and died twice. Did the fishing quest and absolutely no garbage caught. LOTS of fish got away. Seemed that if you clicked right after the signal, you lost it. If you hesitated a second, you caught it. Much different that retail now.

Blizzard…do us a solid and leave the stress test open for the weekend


Here’s what is really weird if this isn’t a bug -

It happened the entire time that I was on Echo Isles. 50+ times. When I was finished with my quests there (4 or 5?), I barely had anything in my bag. 1 or 2 grey items in addition to the quest items.

Last night, I went back to Alliance. Same Realm. Night Elf zones. It happened TWICE. I had no problems at all with filling up my bag for nearly every quest.

The translation for this is - I had a REALLY hard time making money as Horde because so many of the things that I killed had “fake loot” - looks like it has loot, but nothing there. While Night Elf, this only happened TWICE in 6 hours.

Also - I checked the “Not a Bug” post…and a person posted it, not Blizzard. Blizzard did not update the blue portion of their post to reflect nor acknowledge that this is not a bug. I do understand that it used to happen, but I think it’s awful that the reason it didn’t happen that often to me was because I played Alliance.

Lol. Sorry, that struck me as funny.

Day 16. Supplies are low. Morale even lower. I’m not sure how much longer me and the boys can hold out, living on nothing more than murloc eyes and naga blubber. Horde all around us.


This was a very clever way of roping all the people back into subbing before 8.2 hits. Once the stress test is over, they figure those people will log into 8.2 for the hell of it at that point and maybe enjoy something they’ve lost faith in. Either way, they get the money and inflated numbers.

Said the guy with nothing to say

Please extend this over the weekend! So many of us are adults now! We didn’t have time to play over the week!


Blizz please the test open over the weekend a lot of diehard wow player couldn’t play due to work and the weekend would truly test the servers with players getting high enough lvls to run duns.


Overall I felt like the servers were very stable from 1-15, there was slight server lag while I was leveling in the 1-5 zone, however after leaving that zone everything was stable. The number of players in the starting zone felt indicative of what launch day will be like, however, after leaving the starting zone it honestly felt like the server just went dead. I saw very few people in Stormwind, which was obviously due to phasing, as when I invited someone they appeared in front of me. It felt almost the same in Westfall. It was nice from a mob tagging perspective, but it didn’t feel as much like an MMO as just my friend and I wandering through a ghost town. EDIT: I was on server 3


Exactly what I felt playing NE on Server #3. Post start area was actually not as enjoyable beyond the basic game mechanics I have missed for so long.

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I hope you guys put this on the Feedback Thread:

I just attempted to log on and said I needed active game account.

I played to lvl 15 as a Tauren Hunter on Classic Realm 3 after the rest of the servers were shut down. Overall it was a good experience though the layering effect was hit or miss occasionally making areas look like ghost towns.
Also there seems to be an issue with hunter pets. When ordered to attack, they sometimes attack once and then run back. Doesnt happen every time, but is frequent. Heard other hunters complaining of the issue as well.

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So I played realm 3 the entire time. During the first hourish (prior to the realm collapse done early on), the NE starting zone felt empty compared to a typical launch period. While there were still maybe 30 or so people in the area trying to do all the quests, I expected somewhere in the 100’s of people there, to the point where doing quests almost felt impossible to do. I think thats part of the fun of it. Once the realm collapse did happen, it definitely felt closer to what I expected in the NE starting area (1-5). Once leaving that area though, it definitely started to feel empty again. Doing quests was easy, there was almost no competition as far as getting kills or collecting drops. I only ever ran in to a few people in the zone at all. I definitely hope this isnt what it will be like at launch as it felt like I was playing solo for the majority of it. That never changed over the 4 or 5 more hours I spent there. I waited awhile for people to even show up to do some group quests in areas, especially towards the end of the set of quests available on teld. I think that layering in the 1-5 zones might be good but if layering could be turned off on a zone to zone basis, it may be a good idea to only layer the 1-5 areas and try to leave the 1-10 and higher areas without it if at all possible. Areas like teld, elwynn, darkshore, ashenvale, westfall, redridge, loch and wetlands are all heavily dependent on having a group of people there to meet with to do quests and survive different pulls, sub zones needed for quests, and wpvp against horde meeting up in those areas.

Edit: I will say, as far as layering goes, it was very easy to exploit it to buy patterns, mats and gear from vendors that would normally be limited to 1 or 2 being purchased every x minutes//hours. Simply whispering people to invite me to swap layers was fairly quick and I was able to purchase several pairs of level 15 BIS gear and LW patterns to resell in cities for 100x their value super inflating the gold I had even when considering the gold increase from being xp capped with quests.


Played the whole time on Realm 15 while the test was running, leveled a paladin from 1-15 and worked on professions. Being a bit of a completionist I didn’t want to leave the starting zone until I completed the beginning quests, however the overpopulation there kept me there for several hours working with groups to just try and get those 10 kobolds here or 10 bandanas there. Layering here would make sense cause that was just a cluster… Once out of the area things spread out a bit more, though it seemed like layering was used a lot more than necessary. The world felt a little empty and I would have to group with people from chat before I could see them in person. Sever lag felt fine through most of it.

Participated in the Teremus pull into Stormwind during the last hour or two of the stress test and I’ll have to say, while super fun, that experience was lagged out to no end, undoubtedly by all the alliance and horde in one spot. I have to say having that many people around for something was super fun and I hope Blizzard can clean up that experience a little bit. Just getting in the right group to move yourself to the right layer was an exercise in frustration all by itself.

Thank you for the test period, always wish it would go longer and looking forward to the live experience.

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I thought server 3 was too empty. Was able to get numerous chests and rare spawns.


I was on 3. I thought the servers would have been up for at least another hour :frowning:

Hello, I thought my starting layer was just fine. Server 15. I didn’t have to compete to tag every mob “compared to any pserver release don’t ban me <3 just love classic” but I surely had to skip the first quest because of that bottleneck “non issue”. The only thing I can complain about is when I had a mob at 5% and several others prime for the taking, and was layered into an area with every mob dead in sight as well as everything for the 2m run back to the quest giver. Just a stress test but it does need to be ironed out further.

I was on server 3 and the layers before the merge were way to empty. Before you guys merged all of them there where only maybe 10 people on the bank in org. After the merge there was so many people I couldn’t even count. Please remove or fix layering to have more people on each one.


Pepega - Server 3

In the NE starting zone I could go up to 30 minutes without seeing anyone on day 2. It felt very barren and any quests that I could not solo I did not try because the odds of finding someone to help was too low.

Also I felt like the respawn times for boss mobs was quick (princess, hogger ect.) but the respawn of regular mobs was very slow.

Keep up the good work!