WoW Classic Stress Test – June 19-21

Please can you confirm that you actually meant for the additional 45 hours post-test as originally stated?

Couple of follow ups for folks here:


They really need to enable tagging of mobs by anyone that hits them, I really cbf waiting around for hours trying to do starter quests…

Tapping is something that forces grouping. When you see players near you, you try to group up because of tapping. if everything is shared why group up at all? tapping should not change in classic, ever. if They were to change ANYTHING it’d simply be respawn rate or how many players in a layer. Changing that wouldn’t hurt the core element of classic, GROUPING UP. Changing tapping to be shared would massively hurt classic and should NEVER EVER happen.


I guess I’m not getting that confirmation then, you know, about forty eight hours as opposed to ‘overnight.’

Server 15 is unplayable. 1-5 will take an hour or two, 5-10 you think it is better, but it only gets worse, the mobs are spread around and each quest location has 20+ players camping mob spawn points. You all are really underestimating the players if you seriously think you can go live with so little servers. There are lots of people like me who just log out for a later time to let the initial rush through. You will need a minimum of 50 servers.

How about giving people who have had an account since 2004 beta access. We have been waiting for classic longer then some of these streamers you gave access to who didn’t even have an active account.


Realm 3 Feedback for 5-Midnight EST.

Really didn’t like being forced to level on a PvP realm. Wanted to help test, so stayed on it for the night. Will go PvE tomorrow morning.

Total /played on the PvP realm tonight was 6 hours. I achieved level 10 as a Night Elf druid. Night elf area was far less populated than human starting zone - yet experienced its own degree of lag while stress was being applied to the servers (people in my party were shown as phased, one party member died to an invisible mob and was unable to rez - had to relog, this happened to more than just that player, mobs and people were rubberbanding, etc).

Personal feedback - this was a stress test and it felt like one. Prior to Omar snapping his fingers, the people on Realm 12 were exchanging positive feedback. We were impressed that we were able to log right in at 5 EST with no queue or disconnects. We were impressed that we made a toon and were able to log into the server with no wait or disconnects. Everything functioned as intended.
After forcing everyone onto 2 realms, which is understandable, finding mobs for quests was hugely problematic in Night Elf starting area on Realm 3. In our zone, everyone was forming full groups and prioritizing kill quests. Collection quests were not enjoyable, but that is what happens when in a group. The next quest hub was better. I had 1-2 people in my group at any given point. We did all kill quests first. Then saved the collection quests for last and even debated dropping them.

We didn’t run across any glitches. As someone who has played since 2005, I was very impressed with how smoothly this test went. Kudos to all of you on a job well done!!

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Eh - I think 50 servers is a high number.

At the start of the evening, with…15 servers running (?)…play was smooth on the server that I had chosen (#12). It was leaning towards crowded, but really was acceptable. People weren’t commenting about waiting for respawns or being unable to tag mobs. That only happened once it was forced down to 2 realms.

I completely agree that there are a lot of people who aren’t fond of crowds…which could be why we play video games. :slight_smile: That said, we don’t want to be on dead servers either. We will want to be able to pull together 40 players for raids later on, and we all know that a ton of people who didn’t play in Vanilla will quit Classic fairly quickly.

How is 50 high? Do you think there will be less than 150,000 people playing at launch? You have to factor in at least 12 servers for each region (Pacific, Central, and Eastern). 6 PvP, 4 PvE, 2 RP is 12 per region. That is at least 36 servers. I really hope Blizzard isn’t stupid enough to shove everyone from a region into one server type (3 servers per region).

Here’s my Feedback for the Stress Test: It was fun. The experience brought me back to what it was like playing back during Vanilla 2004. At first I realized how there was one thing in classic that could be improved upon in which we enjoy in BFA. It was immediately apparent how you could no longer share the kill with non grouped individuals. In the starting area it took me over an hour just to kill 10 wolves because so many people were killing them - and I even bothered to join a group - and figured out a good spawn rotation on top of that. My suggestion: For these areas which will easily be saturated at the start - allow non-grouped kills for those areas - if at all possible. If not then that’s fine too - just a suggestion. Thanks for hearing me out. Other than that I loved everything else and cannot wait to play the game when it comes out (again lol)!


Was basing my response off the fact that tonight was open to all subscribers. All the people whining about not being able to play were given the opportunity tonight. Yet…Blizz set up 15 realms and had to condense them down to 2 in order to get the Stress Test info that they needed.

Big difference between Classic release and an expansion launch - not everyone playing Retail wants to play Classic.

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Exactly, why would people interested in WoW Classic pay $15 to play a demo for 2 days? That is a horrible way to gauge interest yet it still was overflowing with players many of which logged off when they saw how crowded it was (I certainly did). If they wanted to stress the server, they would only have 1 and force everyone to roll in one zone.

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Classic Realm 3 - Wasn’t sure if this was working as intended - husband and I were grouped up, both with mining but only one of us could hit a node and get skill ups and ore. It’s been 10 years, but I seem to recall grouped members were allowed to node share. If this is as-intended (and my memory is wrong), I would like to know because it’ll change our profession game-plan. Thanks!

Having played Classic Realm 3 (PVP) for the stress test after playing both prior stress tests as a tauren druid, thus in Mulgore, I can say for the three and half or so hours I played last night that the amount of layering was just right. The starting zones were busy, people were grouping, spawns were distributed enough that there wasn’t too much fighting over them, but the world felt alive. Even by the time I got to Bloodhoof Village and through the harpy and gnoll camps, I basically started a mob with two other druids and we just rolled through quests.

Sure looting took forever and drop rates were terrible but we were grinding so fast as we killed everything in the way between quest hubs that there wasn’t a real lapse in mobs to down. Granted it will probably be busier on launch day for Classic, the rate felt perfect and there was a sense of community. People banded together and stuck around with one another and you never were really alone - could have even asked for groups in General and actually found one - and that was what was important.

Good balancing it felt like, at least for the tauren.

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Why this logged me on to my lower level shaman above to say this about my experience with this stress test I will never know, but this is my main account now replying to it. The test druid I have is the same name as this one, go figure!

Or, they would call it a Stress Test. One of the two.

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May you find it as epic as I did, and hope to again.


FYI - I have created a catalog of exploits and problems with layering here, since I could not find the general Beta test feedback thread.

I pay to saport the project not play for two days even though it’s fun to see how the game feels rilley none of it will be kept so dosnot mater to much

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