WoW Classic Stress Test – June 19-21

RP Realm 16 was going great. Now its dead. I’m sad

Agreed… maybe next time… now we get to join 1 of 2 servers and fight for 20 minutes to complete 1 quest…

Looks like they’re just stress testing #3 and #15, two PvP realms. Guess they got the data they were looking for from the other realms.

We were playing in a pvp realm, which shut down. There are only 2 realms available (full). Will the others be back up?


Man, hope they aren’t shooting for this many servers for launch… far too many specially even if the numbers don’t mean anything.

No, always neutral


When #14 went down the system message said there wasn’t enough stress. Lol.
Mulgore was cool on #14. Now on #3. i think all the grass will be eaten. Everything that spawns dies within seconds. Lol

Pretty boring so far, standing around waiting for a mob I can tag and kill and get credit. I would be happy to see MOBS folks can kill, but nothing anywhere to kill. All dead already, everyone standing around waiting on respawns.
Realm 3 (PVP) not by choice.

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Teldrassil itself is dead, there’s nothing left on it xD, not even a single rabbit, deer, small from or toad etc.

Actually right for a change, always neutral.

Getting some quest lag, got the xp at least but not the reward and cant pick up the next quest. Interaction with npcs in general is slowing down a lot, though so far it’ll eventually go through if I wait long enough.

This is the WoW playerbase we’re talking about, after all. Some of us could win something like a $500 million Powerball jackpot, and we’d still complain that it wasn’t big enough.

Anyway, I’m a Cata baby, and thanks to this stress test, I just took my first baby steps ever in the pre-Cata world. The feels, the feels.


Yes, I resubbed at the beginning of it too lol…8.2 launches on Tuesday though not a bid deal to resub now any way.

Okay, thanks. Just a wrong memory …

The Story of Lag.

It began as merely loot lag. Then spilled into vendoring lag too.

Then the players in my party phased from me…turning in quests is an adventure…turn in, it shows as done in the chat log and quest log - wait several seconds to get the XP and loot. It’s like being in a wacky adventure world where someone is playing with timestop a little more than they should… Personally, I blame Omar.

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a loot lag for thee
two looted bags for me

Have been sitting at a vendor trying to sell my items for 8 minutes now. NPC interaction and loot lag is brutal.

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Tried to make a troll rogue on server #3. Couldn’t get past the character creation screen. Kept getting error messages and eventually it said the character name was unavailable. I thought the server went down, so I backed out and re-logged in.

Same server was up, tried to make another troll rogue but changed the name. Same issue as the first time. I backed out, but when it was in the character select screen, it showed that I had a rogue with the name I tried using at first already. Unable to select him and start the game.

The nostalgia is real!

Never sure where people are reading, so I’m tossing this here too.

Hey all -

We are just winding down on the initial testing window and wanted to thank everybody who was able to login and participate.

We will soon have 4 realms total, 2 PvP and 2 Normal that will be up and online overnight. Please continue to login, test the content, and provide your feedback (just don’t forget to provide which realm you are on).

If you haven’t gotten a chance to login yet, you can install and play using the “World of Warcraft Classic” version in your App.

Thanks again!


Things were going well on 12 until it shut down… not sure what population model was being used.