WoW Classic Stress Test – June 19-21

Of course they can. Code doesn’t magically change because it crosses the pond. C++ is C++. If they find all the bugs and fix them with US TESTERS then that will carry over to the EU servers.

I recall you were the one who made some long thread about feeling entitled to the beta and were salty you didn’t get it. You weren’t entitled to it then, you aren’t entitled to it now, and EU players are not entitled to an independent stress test.

You have entered into a consensual contract with blizzard by giving them your money in exchange for a service (playing wow). It was made quite clear by blizzard before you decided to give them your money that you are NOT entitled to any form of testing, and that it is completely at their discretion if you get it. You pay to play retail, and that payment extends to classic on August 27th, no sooner no later.


I beg to differ

What do you mean by “French-ify”?

The timing was terrible, surely that’s a fair statement.

it’s a stress test…designed to test the servers…not to give people a freebie

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You do not have to have BFA to participate in this stress test. It’s available to everyone in the region with an active WoW subscription.


Weren’t you paying attention the first time when thousands of us attend the first one at like 1am?

Good things facts don’t care about your feelings, because you’re just simply wrong.

Are we getting an EU stress test? Why are we excluded from this one?


I’ll see you Alliance scum in Redridge.


Red is dead my friend.


Except that it isn’t blatantly obvious to anyone, except maybe you. Which means its not blatantly obvious, just a construct in your head.

I have no idea. Erebos has some magical “Europeans require different server technology” concept that’s completely obscure.


Because the average play period for EU is outside their test hours.

You’re not getting this. They aren’t building technology for the US and technology for the EU. Warm bodies are warm bodies. There are plenty of EU beta testers (I know, not you, tough luck), and stress tests are designed to open and bloat the server at a time when they’re ready to watch it. Since the launch will be at 3pm PDT, they’re testing it in the same timing here to simulate it.

You are not a special snowflake. Europe is not a special snowflake. Even the US isn’t a special snowflake.

They’re testing throwing a bulk of players at a server at once to see what breaks. The US will break the same things as an EU stress test would under the same conditions.

You are not needed…


so i get a subscription so i can get a chance at beta, and you just go ahead and open it all up for everybody with a subscription.

i wanted to be special. i wanted to be selected. i wanted to brag.

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Padded by the sweet nectar of your tears perhaps.

Would appreciate an update, if you see this amongst all of the bile.

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Nice! I can’t wait to see how the servers crack under this one. :D.


I actually consider using my blizzard balance to buy gametime for this starter edition license I made to post on the US forums, because my real EU one is left out as it seems. But I’m not really sure if that would make me eligible, or if your actual account needs to be in the right country.

I want to test 2 addons I made “blind” on the BfA client and test the API for things I need for a 3rd one I wanted to make. 2 days should be enough to get all the info I need. This US only thing really pisses me off at this point.


Sorry, I don’t work in education, if you cannot comprehend the fundamental issues with this, that’s your problem. I’m sure Blizzard will understand where I’m coming from and ultimately, they matter more than some randomer on a forum.

Ah, more deflection, so you’re just a troll and cannot produce anything productive - only complaints that you’re not in beta or stress test since you feel entitled to it, even though you’re yet again wrong. That’s literally all it comes down to.

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No I’m a Night Elf, can’t you see that on my avatar?

You’re entitled to your opinion, just as I’m entitled to mine, so I’ll post what I like, whether you like it or not :).