WoW Classic Stress Test 1

I should try that with the old pc we have!

Currently stuck at “Character creation timed out”… anyone?


After two and a half hours of bashing my face in, I got past “Retrieving Realm List” and got to “Character Creation Timed Out”


Thanks Blizzard for the utter complete sham the stress test was to my self esteem. I was block ed from th test completely and only got as far as the character creation screen. Terrible.


I never received a beta invite, so I am not sure how accurately this reflects reality.

Edit: Okay, so, none of the accounts on that bnet are subscribed. I thought that my original account was on this one. So, that post probably does reflect reality rather accurately.

I’m there. As is a friend of mine. Have been for almost 30 minutes. Better than just the “server offline” screen though

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Character Creation timed out.

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I am between mage and lock hmmmmm

Thanks. Makes me sad I didn’t make the comment on my main toon. LOL Sad day… Almost as sad as looking at the character creation screen. Almost. lol

Been getting the Character creation timed out error since 4:10 PDT with lockouts in between.

At least you got to see the light once, I never got the realm list without being sent to try again.

LOL Blizz spawned C’Thun at Northshire abbey. Check Asmongold’s stream.


Ugh how can anyone watch that chode?


You would think that the people running this test etc, could relay to the community board here, if your gettting the timed out in char creation it means your not getting in. Just let us know or put up a 2nd server. Really just communicate to the players sitting here and banging their head against the computer timed out accept timed out accept… or go away?!


Got the invite to the stress test… very stressful! Got booted multiple times logging in, and when I finally got to character creation I kept getting “character creation timed out” error. Now the server is offline. I was so excited to test this; hopefully those of us who had issue logging in will get a second chance to test the classic.


I don’t mind him. His chat though, he needs to cull his audience.


Kind of makes me wish I were still streaming on twitch. I had a decent following; maybe I wouldn’t be suffering and actually providing some quality content and not just “hurr durr follow the money” like most of them are doing.

Well, you made me smile :slight_smile: Even with all the crap that was “come test for us”


Seemed like the char creation was turned off for most of us that didn’t already create a beta server char.


I will never watch those entitled pricks again after this beta debacle.