WoW Classic Stress Test 1

There aren’t that many streamers on Twitch lol. Did you see all the people? That’s just a small slice of Alliance.


I am sure that they do prioritize some toward the streamers to be able to have info regarding the Beta spread outward to as many interested folks as possible.

That being said, they did extend Beta invites to non-streamers (I was fortunate enough to get a beta invite)

I am not a streamer, but have an old account going back to the original Open Beta for Vanilla way back when.


Illidan says to the dev " You are not prepared!"

Lmao you guys are ridiculous. Look at any one of the streams, there are like 2000 people in Elwynn Forest, I am sure they are all streamers

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I never made it to character creation. 1st hr kept getting disconnected. 2nd hour every time I logged in the server was offline. tried again just now the server was locked, then went offline again.

Been trying to log in for the stress test. The queue screen was a wonderful walk down memory lane. Finally waited to get in to make my Tauren Druid. Got the character created and hit accept full of excitement. Nothing. Hit accept again. Nothing. Hit it again. Nothing. Then I got the message “Character creation timed out.”

I am reminded of the quote from Jurassic Park:

“Now eventually you might have dinosaurs on your, on your dinosaur tour, right? Hello? Yes?”


Have you kicked your Pc through your monitor yet? if not it didn’t work



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Character creation timed out… Again.


What i find odd and sad is that streamers get disconnected yet seem to get back in. But for going on 3 hours I have never gotten in. Wtf, I will continue to try , but this is just bad business. Blizzard TALK TO THE COMMUNITY. Like what you did in 2004!!!

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lol, nice quote

i’m loading in, currently watching the opening cinematic

offline > locked > offline > locked… fun test guys !


What a time to be alive…

I wasn’t implying that there was any nefarious reasoning behind the prioritization or anything.

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if it says locked, double click on it to try to log in…

bah, i’ve had it up on twitch for 2+ hours with no more luck than you

Stuck at “Character Creation timed out” watching asmongold there is a ton of people in there!

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Beta Test folks weren’t invited a “second time” to the stress test. The Stress Test activity was in place of beta test for the time specified (The Beta servers were offline the entire time and Beta testers were expected/wanted to be a part of the stress test)

Classic Beta Priority:

  • Active accounts that date back to 2004/2005
  • Streamers (Because free marketing…)
  • Everyone else