WoW Classic Stress Test 1

I’ve had the realm selection screen up for 90 minutes and all it’s managed to do is flip from OFFLINE to LOCKED over and over. Logged out, no more queues, but still, OFFLINE/LOCKED. Fun times.

I know, it is frustrating…

Same here got the invite too but close as i got in two hours was character creation time out

mine says server locked

I’m sad I missed this! In the future, could you all give us at least a 48 hr heads up that this is happening? You email me at 7pm last night and I didn’t check my emails (spam folder) till now. Less then 24 hrs. :frowning: I would have loved to have participated.

THIS, is the PERFECT example, of how Blizzard has completely catered to streamers…

… and “USED”, so many beta-testers, who were not able to get into the servers… OR, even create characters.

Certainly, this behavior, by Blizzard, is good cause for me to re-evaluate my game play… AND… more importantly, my investment in the company.

Nice job, Activision Blizzard, Inc. (ATVI)…


I’m ok with this. If this is to help improve the future of the server capacity and loading in, then i’m fine.


it’ll put you into a login queue if you double click on the server but you will still be blocked from char creation


Haha read the posts in here … odds are you would have been stuck on character creation. You probably saved yourself a headache.

I mean… it’s open til 6pm pst tomorrow

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the servers are actually still up, you can try if you don’t mind wasting a few gig of your hd space for a bit

My stress test review for Blizzard

All I got to was the character creation screen and constant kicks.
Hopefully this is what you were wanting to hear.

Hoping I can get back on for the next day that they said it would be available.

I would be perfectly fine with this if they said it was a login server stress test.


We have known about this for a few days. Plus, A lot of people couldn’t even log in. Many never got past character creation. You didn’t really miss much. Seems to me like it was more streamerpalooza than anything.

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Ythisens said they might do something like this in his stream before the test started. That would have been fun to see 1st hand.


Just dropping some feedback. Farthest I got was to character creation which was halted by constant messages that character creation had timed out.


Whelp. I’m glad you guys had fun playing around with the people who already had beta access, spawning C’thun on them and watching their races and such, but you could’ve saved a lot of people’s time by telling the people who only got in for the “stress test” that they’d actually only be testing the login queue.


Why is the server locked? Why did all the streamers get right in?

Max lvl 5? I got invited to have a door slammed in my face? Did the layers not work?


Still fighting the character creation boss. Hopefully will get past it tonight.

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Well I hope my constant trying to log in helped with the stress testing. I’m rather amused at it working like that. :slight_smile: