WoW Classic Stress Test 1

Boom. Got the stress test invite but there appears to be some kind of mistake because its not the whole beta…


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tbh your not making it any better you dont get the points that some of us are making its that we want to relive our pasts alittle even if it is just for 2 hours

Then waste a sick day so you can use Heroic Strike on boars for 2 hours 3 months early

Can someone tell me exactly where we are supposed to be seeing the stress test thing on our Battlenet launchers? For some reason i have a drop down menu above the “PLAY” button for Hearthstone and Overwatch but not World of Warcaft…
I don’t see where i’m supposed to be looking!


More likely they’re testing how many layers can be accomodated on a given piece of hardware. As well as how well can layer cope with very large numbers of players in just a handful of zones.

cool not even the test back to the P sever for me I guess.

Same spot there for World of Warcraft. If you don’t see it then you haven’t gotten an invitation.

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Cool! Ty!.

omfg it’s like RIGHT when you said that it popped up for me.

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Last strand of hope is for the 9pm EST mark.

I’m in.

Created a toon, and the servers went down :frowning:

Stress test doesnt go live for me until 9am thursday

Come on RNG, let me in, one time

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oh for you my misread that

There was an issue where it appeared early, that was a mistake, once you have the client we will have the realm playable tomorrow/Wednesday at 4pm PDT.

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I live in australia dude the us is 17hrs behind me do the math xd

So, will I be available to be added to the pool of beta testers after the stress test? tho the stress test is going to be fun, If only we can shove 40 level 5 players into dead mines loll

yeah i misread it my bad

Lol all good dude not that im in yet hopefully ill get an invite

yeah same here