WoW Classic Stress Test 1

Same here.

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Out shopping atm hopefully when i check when i get home ill be in

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Are they sending invites at the moment?

I keep refreshing over and over and over… I added a month of Game Time for this. Feeling kind of silly about it now, no beta or stress invite. Guess I’m just a little too excited.

I have my sub running out on the 26th, too. Just hoping I can get in to the stress test/beta before then so I have a reason to resub.

yeah, i got added to the stress test just now. im afraid itll boot me out of the raffle for the beta though if i get selected for this haha

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i have been checking mine like ever 5 mins and we all have good reason to be excited

Went to eat dinner, came back… no stress.

Starting to get a little mad. :slight_smile:

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Ok, thank you for letting me know that they are being sent out.

Downloaded and got into the stress test!! still hoping for a closed beta :slight_smile:


Desperation is both an enlightening and deeply concerning mindset to be in.



does it say “Beta & Stress Test” for you too? im having that same worry. i was so exited when i saw this but then thought i might no longer be considered for beta access after being given this opportunity

They should just invite EVERYONE for the stress test. Hahaha, that’s a real stress test. Then again I’m just being selfish because I really want an invite.


Being put into the stress test still allows you 2 be considered to the beta

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Any reason it says BETA AND stress test?

Server is down for me. Is it like that for anyone else?

I just made this account to use for classic like a month or more ago I don’t think I have any chance but it doesn’t hurt to check every now and then

thats what i though they ment when they put out the stress test dates so im right there with you

Yes think it wont be online till tomarrow.

Stressing out plays a role here, right?