WoW Classic Stress Test 1

Wow I don’t know why I thought it was today, too excited to read apparently

Alrighit. I’m calling it.

Early night for me tonight, can’t take refreshing the launcher anymore.

Fingers crossed I wake up to access. l o l.

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I did not have to refresh fyi it was just there

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Got into it downloading now sweettttttt


If it lets you log into the closed beta realms, you’re in the closed beta. Otherwise, you’re a stress tester.

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Eek! Poison!! :rofl:

Just help spread the word my friend! :slight_smile:


Come on Blizzard… Get me in!

Night and good luck with a invite.

Oh, hi there CM Bornakk hope your day is going well, because mine is not due to the fact that I still don’t have beta access. :wink::wink:

My peep it’s tomorrow afternoon.

I have noticed a few dont always report issues, or they may not see them, or we dont see them do it. I get what youre saying though. I hope you get in. And im sure the streamers do to. We’re all gamers here

Thanks for the responses! The hype is real. So “actual” information is greatly appreciated. Witty banter just as much haha

I think I’m breaking my launcher. It keeps freaking out when I launch it. “Blizzard app has gone to sleep, attempting to restore” or “are you sure battle net app can make changes?”

stop jebaiting me you application

Sanctuaries are like Shattrath, Dalaran, etc, where pvp is not possible even if you flag. There was no such place in classic wow.

And to correct you, pve and pvp servers both have protected starter zones such as Elwynn, Westfall, Durotar, and Barrens. You can flag yourself for pvp in a protected zone regardless of server type and be killed by the opposing faction. The difference is that on a pvp server, once you leave a protected area you are vulnerable. On a pve server, you are always protected regardless of zone unless you flag.

@Bornakk - I’ve requested that CS delete my PTR accounts. Apparently having 2 means you are denied Beta. Can you confirm this so that I know why I’ve been rejected?

How big is the download? Anyone know?

I’ve always had two, no way this means rejection, right?

Try making a third.

Mine was 4GB.

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From what i understand and see. (I am in stress test (for tomorrow)) It will add a drop down above the word play that says Beta & Stress Test: WoW Classic. You would not need to refresh the client for it to appear. I did not. It was open and appeared.