WoW Classic Stress Test 1

Never give up, never surrender!


AGREED, give us forum trolls an invite. Some of us added extra game time just for this.

I have people in discords spitting the access in my face, saying they’re not playing, some entitled guy on here saying the stress test is a waste of his time, and I’m just sitting at my desk spam-refreshing my client.


Thnx for the opportunity blizzard, really glad for the chance to test the Classic WOW on the Stress Test :slight_smile:

I hope this is satire, He’s a disgrace really? lol
If your serious its sad to see someone so salty

Can I get beta please will test and give you feedback for free


9pm EST mark. Last chance. : /

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is that the cutoff for stress test invites?

Who said that, or are you taking about yourself before you give up today?

No hope here.

Yeah, I think today’s invites are done-ski.

Does this mean there is still a chance to see a invite pop up between now and then?

After a week of watching the beta slowly fill up, to just banking on the mass-invite stress test.


Disheartening is the perfect word.


Just gotta be patient my friends :slight_smile:


This account was made in WoD, but I have played the game on and off since BC. I’m not a streamer, and honestly this is the first beta invite I’ve ever received from WoW for any expansion.


GZ man, have fun for the rest of us haha.

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My original rogue will be reborn… Only to level 5 alas… but reborn nonetheless

level 5 seems low, just let people play till you guys turn it off.

They have already denied that claiming it will have “No Impact” on closed beta invite status.

Kind of feel like I wasted my 15 dollars making sure I’m subbed just to only be opted in to a two-hour only stress test.