WoW Classic Stress Test 1

I just made this account to use for classic like a month or more ago I don’t think I have any chance but it doesn’t hurt to check every now and then

thats what i though they ment when they put out the stress test dates so im right there with you

Yes think it wont be online till tomarrow.

Stressing out plays a role here, right?

If “stress test” means me losing my mind bc I don’t have an invite, its working.

It’s the same client so the closed beta folk use the same thing, but if you got invited to just the stress test you will only see that realm when it’s available around the times that are listed in the original post.


HAHAHAHA, Agreed my man. I’m in the same boat.

I’ll just never get how I’m this unlucky. I have friends being invited whom have said they’re not even bothering playing tomorrow. I’d give anything to mess around on the new client for a bit. Optimism can only go so far though.

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The people who are receiving these invites, Did they start playing in Vanilla or are Streamers, are they now doing accounts made in others expansions?

That’s life man. The last time I remember having any RNG in my life at all was when I went to a 3D re-premiere of The Phantom Menace. I won a movie poster in a small raffle they held before the movie. I think I used up all my luck in that one moment, and I’m suffering for it now.

To be fair, it’s a sweet poster.

Bornakk can you confirm or deny that there are going to be more beta invites after the stress test

i got an invite, (to the stress test) my account was made 9/5/2005.

maybe a mixture of older created accounts and streamers?

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yeah this is the stuff thats making me upset how people get this stuff and then dont do anything with it


Its just salt to the wound when my friends show me they have the client ticked on their launcher, just to say, “lol sucks man, I’m not even bothering”

Like, this is why I’ll never grasp the selection process.

i got into the stress only, i started playing in end 2008, wrath.


Ok, that is annoying however good to know.

i started near the end of Vanilla and i havent gotten either beta or stress test

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You sir are a disgrace.

The stress test is not for your benefit, right now. Its to ensure that when the system goes live, you won’t suffer through constant crashes as the untested levels of players hammer the servers.

Then you should never have opted in, because you would have been a tremendous waste of a spot in Beta.


Ok, I made mine around the end of Cata

I’m beginning to lose hope. It’s getting kind of late.