WoW Classic Stress Test 1

Sorry if I’m confusing folks but it’s pretty different situation than normal. If you got invited to the stress test you will only be able to play on the stress test.

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When does the Stress Test server open? I know you have a 2 hour window of looking but I assume there is time before and after that to mess around?

Do you know if regular beta invites are on hold while stress test invites are being sent ?

tomorrow at 7pm EST or 4pm PST

If you’re not a streamer don’t even bother crossing your fingers.


It should become available at 4pm PDT tomorrow/Wednesday.


It’s showing up on my Bnet, Aussie account since 05! have faith mate!

hey… psst… Bornakk… pssst… let me in

Just a quick question i dont have the download in my does that mean i havent gotten an invite to either??

That is correct.

Your my hero dude show em how aussie do it xd

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Hi! Will there be a way for us to know if we actually got invited to the Beta after the Stress Test? I was checking my launcher all the time, saw the client and got pretty excited. But since both of them are the same client, do I have to keep opening the client and checking realm list, or will the Stress Test option be removed when it’s over? Thanks in advance!

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I want in soooooo badly! :frowning:

invites still going out?

Yup. I just got in literally 3 mins ago.


me too Hyk me too

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so what youre saying is youre going to dangle a carrot in a stick in front us with no carrot? is there any priority given to those who log into the stress test? if its successful are they going to receive beta keys? i dont see any reason why the shouldnt if your servers can handle it. can you confirm any of that?

Pls, seriously pls. I just want a taste of it lol, I’m so over watching


Damn, I’m going to miss out on all that level capped gold at 5.

I just got an invite says beta & stress test does that mean we will be able to play & test more after the stress? i’m doubtful as i couldn’t log into a server.