WoW Classic - Stress Test 1 Ending Info


At this time, we have wrapped up our active testing period. The stress test realm will still be available for play until Thursday, May 23 at 6:00pm PDT. If you were selected for just the stress test, there will be no realm to login to at that time tomorrow.

The closed beta realms will soon be available again for those testers.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the WoW Classic stress test!

Cant log in
WoW classic Beta & stress test "world server down"
Wow classic beta stress test

You should have warned us that the stress test was just for the login, not to actually play. OR at least communicated when you saw the high level of log-in issues being report.


Heh, couldn’t log in. I tried several times! Was that part of the test?


What do you mean testing? The realm is locked and unable to be tested.


Lol basically, Thanks for wasting your afternoon while streamers got in.


Glad I didn’t sub for this stress test. LOL


lmao, ya’ll are ridiculous.


Please do not forget those of us excluded from the test due to an error on the Blizz side regarding PTR slots and the Beta download.


Legit wasted two hours trying to log in. Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Khyzerok) #10

meanwhile you spawn Cthun and I’m stuck getting character creation timeout for 3 hours


My email says i will be able to play until tomorrow, but it says server locked. I dont get it.

My email…

BadAstronaut—you’ve been selected to participate in the first stress test of World of Warcraft Classic !

Install now and get ready to rush our test realm as soon as it opens at 4:00pm PDT Wednesday, May 22, until 6:00pm PDT . Play up to level 5 and help us make sure we can provide the best experience possible when World of Warcraft Classic launches August 27, 2019.

The World of Warcraft Classic Closed Beta realms will be down for the duration of the test. Once the stress test period is over, you’ll be able to continue playing on the stress test realm (up to level 5) until Thursday, May 23.


Thank you for the invitation to the stress test. I wish I was able to help more than just testing the login and character creation throughout the allotted time until the end.

Be safe.

(Mogar) #13

Hope you got good info from my 3 hours of failed attempts to make a character.


Thankful to see a blue post finally.

Tried for 2 hrs and 45 minutes to even log onto the server. Got to the character creation screen only to be timed out. Now the server is either locked or offline.

Im done, its getting late and i gotta get up in the morning to get kids to school. Will try again before time is suppose to be up tomorrow evening.


This may be the most oblivious blue post of all time


2 and a half hours of staring at character creation timed out error. thanks alot for giving streamers priority for logging in. Ive been waiting 15 years for this and couldnt even log in and ding one level during the test. pathetic.


Today has only increased my animosity to blizzard. I cant believe you invited us to “play” and didn’t allow us to create characters


Good deal!

Thanks for the extra time.

Will try again later tonight, gotta work on my D3 race to the top!


Wasted 3 hours trying to login without luck while all streamers getting in without issues. Good job Blizzard.

(Wítchcräft) #22

If this is any indication on how Test 2 & 3 will go, best of luck getting players to attempt to do the testing for you.