WoW Classic Pre-Launch Test 11:00 a.m. PDT August 8 and Minimum Specs


Is this where we will be able to reserve our characters or simply a launch test only?


Gotta love those minimum specs. Even with the modernisation of systems, the machines we originally ran Vanilla on will just about do … good times and so unusual in this day and age to actively support integrated graphics. Well done :slight_smile:


i buy my sub for 8.2 to play a bit and carry over to july 27 it ended just recently


8.2 was a terrible joke


Yeah the laptop I stopped using after 8 years of use recently due to several parts failures could have played this. It wasn’t even a good laptop back then when I got it either.


It was like a late April’s fool’s day joke


How can the data from this stress test be accurate with peoples’ school and work schedules? 11 am is in the middle of the average person’s professional routine. Weekend saturday and sunday would make more sense for accurate numbers. But glad it’s happening definitively none the less


I think they’re also taking into account European and global members that will be testing as well, this time around. I think the last test was around the same time, though.

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Hi, Kaivax. Thank you for the update.



This is only a stress test and not the name reservation time.


We better be getting some RP-PvP servers to stress test…


Ladles and gentle-mints, start your engines! Woot!


Awesome! Thanks for the information! See you all in the test!!!

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This made me laugh. Well done, Blizz.


Hi! I can’t find WoW Classic on my launcher to install - maybe a glitch?


the system requirements mention “OR” intel hd 4000 but it’s not clear on how much video memory would be needed, considering the other two gpu comparisons were 512 MB. i do meet the minimum cpu and ram requirements of having an i5-4200m which i’m running with hyperthreading disabled and 8 GB of system ram but it’s unclear on how well my system will handle classic with just 192 MB of video memory usable by the intel hd 4600 graphics with the lenovo l440.

i guess i’ll be likely bottlenecked a bit in certain areas that would need maybe up to 256 MB of video memory in relation to what was used back then for higher settings smoothly which typically was something like a geforce 6800 gt 256 MB, and as a result, my fps may drop to hopefully no lower than like 40 fps or so. in retail, i did comment on this that i was able to get it to run most of the time in classic zones that is from 55-60 fps in westfall and elwynn forest ( outside major population places ), rarely going lowering than like 40 fps, except for like stormwind.

it does say 4 GB ram for integrated graphics such as intel hd graphics, but i think this may be a bit overoptimistic in the sense that they presume that if the system has 4 GB of ram, then the system would automatically default the video memory usable up to 256 MB? some systems might only use half of the this depending on the manufacturer.

anyone gonna be playing classic with similar specs as mine or lower?

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Brilliant - thank you, Kaivax!

I’ll be able to test the Classic Client on the new Laptop I bought for my 6 month overseas trip just a few days before I head out! It has a whopping 512MB of dedicated video ram! :smiley:

I was nervous what the requirements were going to be, but this is pretty amazing!

A 6 month European holiday AND Classic WoW to keep me busy on the quiet nights? Bliss! :heart:


Do we have to uninstall the the other version beta? it hasn’t updated for me just shows a greyed-out play button now.


Have you seen some of the new toasters?!

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By the way, for us Aussies - the conversion time for AEST is 4:00am Friday 9th.