WoW Classic Pre-Launch Test 11:00 a.m. PDT August 8 and Minimum Specs


Who cares? It’s just a test man.


I might have to limit the addons I’m running to ensure smooth performance but it looks like I’m going to be able to run this. I knew it was a good idea buying a smart fridge instead of a desktop.

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I’ve been really lucky with these.

Thursday’s my day off so see you guys there!


Sweet! I’m so ready for this.



Any chance you could just extend the experience to end Sunday night PDT?


It’ll update if it needs to I’m sure. I have gotten an update or two since the last test.

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Thanks for the update…

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Blizzard, if you could write me a note stating that you need me for beta testing on that date, I’ll be more than happy to hand it to my boss and spend 2 hours of my work day for you.



"Hey boss! I need a really long lunch today. Starting early.


I will be there!

Edit: Gonna test mah mods if this is going to use the official client and not the beta.



Am I correct in assuming that since I downloaded WoW Classic for the Beta Stress tests, I will not have to download again? Thanks! Geezurr

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Will progress be wiped after this stress test or can I pick up from where it leaves off on launch day?

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of course not


Omg noooo wayyyyy!!! I’m so unbelievably stoked!!!

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Hype thanks for the update looking forward to this


i bought a subscription only to play the cancelled stress test to feel out the batching etc and now my time ran out. fool me once, shame on you, and im not gonna get fooled twice and resub for this now. sucks


Just like the previous stress tests, most likely will be 48 hours long and everything will be deleted when it’s over.


Subs last a month, the postponed stress test was last week, something doesn’t add up here :confused: