[WoW Classic] Patch 1.13.3 LUA API Change

addon authors for the addons they are intenting to break with this are ALREADY talking about just buildinga mesh network over whisper syncs, which means blizzard will get mad and break that next, and that will break a few addons then.

Especially if JoinTemporaryChannel() still works, it’s easy to retreive the names of the players who joined the channel and whisper them one by one.

The real problem is not add-ons, but people.

Add-on communication over custom channels was always a thing back to Vanilla.

If some people make LFG add-ons for Classic, it’s because LFG was implemented by Blizzard and players got used to it.

LFG addons were possible in Vanilla but it was not something players needed back in the day because automatic LFG was not invented yet.

Remember that Classic is NOT Vanilla, there is nothing new, all the PvE strats are well known and mastered, it’s no longer a big challenge, it’s just another fun way to enjoy WoW.

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Add-on messages are invisible to everyone, only add-ons are able to read them.

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ethier way ClassicLFG should still work, it a chat filter so unless they block addons from being able to read a channel not just block sharing it with other players

AKA i am happy it should not be broken

I fail to see the point.

All the addon devs are going to do is make use of the remaining channel access rights.

This is like the “War on Drugs”; totally pointless, hasn’t stopped a thing. And, ultimately, ruins the lives of people. ((I use to use Sudafed, but it became a hassle to buy so I switched to another anti-histamine. SPOILERS: Didn’t stop ‘street-made’ [you know what; because apparently that word isn’t allowed here]!))

So, next they’ll remove access to SAY, YELL, and WHISPER. That won’t stop it either. In the end they’ll remove access to every channel.

Threat meters do not use the raid channel.

They use these “now nerfed” channels to share and compare combat logs to ensure the numbers are accurate.

Do you see “billy swings for 250 damage” being spammed in your raid channel? No you dont, so yes it will break threat addons.

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People don’t see stuff sent by addons even if its in the raid channel. The type of channel is used to restrict which other people’s addons receive the “hidden” message. If you send to guild your whole guild gets it, if you send to raid only people in your raid get it.

Paraphrased “We’re tired of our community creating things in game that serve the community using our resources, that we’re not using to serve the community needs in game”. #AWS is expensive


Good news. Greenwall is still working for me and another guild for cross-guild chat. The group calendar addon does not seem to be working, though. So we’re back to the drawing board for that.

To clarify: The group calendar still shows the raid resets and probably can still work within a guild, but when someone in another guild posted a new event my calendar did not receive it and didn’t seem to show and errors or anything.

And as of today, Classic wow is now Classic wow+, because blizzard has gone back on their commitment to not make any changes, and decided that changes are OK, as long as they please the masses of rose-tinted glasses wearing youth who never played vanilla, and refuse to admit that addon communication was a thing in classic.


Oh well, this is good
So they can still work fine over guild party raid without making it a text nightmare.
Still a shame about the global part kinda, there was some friend functions that used them like sharing our quest lists (in list form, not as in sharing the quests)
Can live without that though.

Yeah, their change targeted addons like this one. Probably more so the other types focusing on pvp spying and lfg actions, but this one was hit in the crossfire.

This is yet another change that is in the spirit of how people think vanilla was, but is actually contradictory to the real vanilla experience for a lot of players.

A lot of folks didn’t have mods in vanilla because the game was new, so they think this functionality didn’t exist. But for a lot more of us, we did have these mods. There were all kinds of things that used private chat channels to communicate - one of the first and most popular was CTRaid Assist, but others also took advantage of this functionality to coordinate stuff all over the game world. These mods were few and far between, because mod makers were new as well - but they did exist.

This doesn’t break anything for me personally, and I honestly don’t care that much about this per se, but it’s interesting that our quest for “the spirit of classic” isn’t really aligning with the real classic experience. And if we’re going to change things for how people felt vanilla really was, why are we not doing anything to re-align the big things like raid difficulty and PvP experiences?

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This isn’t quite accurate. Those impacted here used the custom channels and you are able to see those channels within your chat frame. With these being removed as an option for addons, it means you will be forced to see addon jibberish in the future through other group related channels. Tragic too, Group Calendar for Classic just got up and running in the past month and relied upon this.

A fair critique there and I’d agree, we had things back then too that others don’t recall having.

That is because back then, when people say OH No addon existed!
the reality was, it existed, but we did not start out with curse/wow interface/wow addons etc
We started out with, hey this guy in my guild knows coding and scripting, check out this cool thing he made for our MC raid night, and stuff like that.
Lot of individual, not widely known addons at first.

Ultimately, we decided that the ability for addons to send invisible messages to large, arbitrary groups of players all across Azeroth was something that risked undermining those social dynamics.

Emphasis mine. Why, then did you break the ability to send messages which aren’t invisible? I wrote a custom tip tracker addon that advertises my mage water service and automatically thanks the person for their tip (even if 0, which is hilarious). Most everyone who commented to me about it enjoys the idea and thinks it’s fun. But now it won’t work.

Thanks, Blizzard. It’s little things like this which caused the attrition in retail and will inevitably cause Classic to lose players as well. Not necessarily this specifically, but little things like this.


Manage your own dps?

@kaivax I’d like to report a bug with the new implementation.
C_ChatInfo.SendAddonMessage() now supports YELL and SAY which is a cool thing BUT, for some reason, some special characters that are usually be supported by SendAddonMessage() are dropped and the received data is truncated.

Messages sent over other systems such as PARTY etc are fine.

The chat system is also identified as UNKNOWN in received messages instead of expected YELL or SAY.

The messages need to be serialized for CHAT messages, not ADDON messages, which results in a huge increase of bandwidth usage.

Reproduction steps (sending characters 1 to 255)

/script C_ChatInfo.RegisterAddonMessagePrefix("BlzBug"); 
/script local f = CreateFrame("Frame"); f:RegisterEvent("CHAT_MSG_ADDON"); f:SetScript("OnEvent", function(self, event, prefix, text, channel) print("Received", event, prefix, string.len(text), channel, text) end);
/script ALL_MSG_ADDON_CHARS = ''; local i; for i=1,255 do ALL_MSG_ADDON_CHARS = ALL_MSG_ADDON_CHARS .. string.char(i) end

/script C_ChatInfo.SendAddonMessage("BlzBug", ALL_MSG_ADDON_CHARS, "WHISPER", UnitName("player")) -- OK: All 255 characters received, WHISPER channel
/script C_ChatInfo.SendAddonMessage("BlzBug", ALL_MSG_ADDON_CHARS, "YELL") -- KO: Only 9 characters received, UNKNOWN channel
/script C_ChatInfo.SendAddonMessage("BlzBug", ALL_MSG_ADDON_CHARS, "SAY") -- KO: Only 9 characters received, UNKNOWN channel