WoW Classic Hotfixes -- Updated November 16

If you aren’t going to revert this mistake Blizz, atleast raise the cap to 40 or 50,
give us a way to track it and exclude ZG and AQ20 from this lockout… guilds still run ZG for gear and enchants and I know we will be running AQ20 on cooldown…If you left ZG out because of boosters, just raise the min level requirement for ZG, don’t screw raiders out of AQ20…how are these decisions so half-baked?!


Hit 60 then and get back to me.

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Everyone can see your post history, btw.


OK, now what?

Ok, and your point is?

You mean April 1st, 2006

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40-player raid instances are no longer affected by the 30-per-day limit on entering dungeons.

Realistically speaking this more or less fixes the only issue that could arise from the instance cap.


It helps. Hardcore farmers will still be encumbered.

So your openly willing to screw over those “small handful of players”.


To everyone here praising Blizzard for their the 30 instance limit…

Has the price of nature res gear gone down on your server? lmao


It doesn’t matter if it’s a “small handful.” Which I doubt to begin with. Harm is harm. If a punishment affects ONE innocent person, it’s wrong. Why is that so hard to understand. People pay ya’ll money. They pay for the service and you are gating them from it. That’s wrong. This greater good type of thinking crap is gonna come back to bite ya’ll in the end. This is the wrong road for Classic.


Weren’t you calling people “sock puppets” not too long ago? Sort of “pot calling the kettle black” here.

Thank you.

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Terrible change I shouldn’t be limited in how much I can play. I’ve ran into the cap twice already.

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Daily reminder that this 30 instance limit is terrible.

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Wait they removed Raids from The lockout? So mage bots can farm ZG again. Cool!

ZG and AQ20 are not raid content now?

post on your main if u play that much where’s your 60

I would like to see the 30 per day apply only to accounts suspected of botting or have been banned for botting instead of all players there have been times where i do nearly 120 lockouts in a day because of searching for jed or aoe farming dungeons, i tend do this less than previously however i think it would be better to remove the daily lockout limit for the average player


great change Blizz, the cap you implemented has already made me see less bots outside DM and ZG.
Thank you. The loudest will always be the angry minority. We are happy, keep it up