New Instance Limit in WoW Classic

Guess we’ll see.

Hopefully, there will be more changes coming to deal with bots.

Don’t forget that now even more people have that idea you just had of going into the open world! So now those rich thorium veins are even more contested :smiley:

Do they?

I’d guess that bots play 18 hours a day. Or 16 hours a day. To blend in more.


i really dont think blizzard should be accounting for people nolifing extremely unhealthy amounts, especially in such a specific part of the game like dungeons when they make decisions like these.

I support this change.

However, please exclude 40 man raids from this lockout. It’s a good step towards opposing ZG farmers, but I don’t want to run into a situation where one of my raiders can’t zone into BWL or AQ40 because he’s been doing some farming shenanigans all day.

They’re not accounting for anything. This is a pointless attempt at bot management that will do absolutely nothing.

that’s a really random thing to think, I"m guessing you haven’t seen the videos on youtube of bots straight up flying in front of actual players.

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You’d be wrong. They play 24/7.

i know they arent accounting for it with this change, my comment wasnt aimed at blizzard but at the guy i responded to talking about how he might be affected because he plays 14 hours per day on weekends

I can’t believe Blizzard never thought to check for this.

We should let them know.

I remember when I would submit a ticket about a problem and talk to an ACTUAL person! Now I submit a ticket and get generic replies and never talk to someone. They just hit reply paste reponse close ticket.

Their customer service is abysmal now. Money before service mentality.

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12 hours, 18 hours, 24 hours- however long bots play a day, this change does nothing to stop them.

Also, needing to blend in, are you kidding me? The entire reason we’re even having this discussion is because Blizz is doing nothing to actually identify and ban bots.

The guys that sit in the same instance for months on end, all day every day haven’t been touched- so no I don’t think they need to try very hard at all to ‘blend in’. And the trains of obvious hunters/mages walking by the dozen in uniform lines like they’re sand people is about as obvious as can get.

These bots don’t try to blend in because they don’t have to, they’re openly flaunting to the rest of us how inept Blizz is at stopping them.

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Last time I tried they couldn’t hear me over the dollar bills they were swimming in.

Yup, this. I’ve had way better experience with GMs on less than reputable servers than I have in WoW for years. The ones that actually show up and talk to you and help you, and genuinely care.

And they do it for free.

Botting is solved, we’re done, we’ve reached the pinnacle of anti-cheat, good job Blizzard!!

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Why not just ban the bots???

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They can spend some money to ban the bots and make players happy, OR they can not spend money and hurt some players and do little to impact bots but sew division in the playerbase to distract from the real issue not being addressed.

That’s the crux of it.


this is all the proof anyone needs to know that blizzard is absolute dog @#%# at running this game.


“Do you guys not have phones” Call NetEase they can ban 100k a week without this change.