WoW Classic Hotfixes -- Updated November 16

Except now said botter has to be 4 times as profittable to break even with where they were before.

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Even at having 4x the accounts they are still profitable. There cost is just sub money really. If each account makes $15 at the minimum they break even.

The real solution would be to crackdown on RMT in Classic. (IE someone putting a common green item or mat on the AH for an absurd amount of gold. When the transaction happens check the accounts history and ban the bot permanently and give the player an reasonable suspension time based on the number of offenses).

If you crack down on RMT and be hard as FFXIV is bots should be diminishing because you are going hard on those buying gold.

I know several legitimate guildies who hit the cap earlier this week. I’ll probably hit it tomorrow since its my day off. Maybe I’ll just go play PoE like everyone else who is getting pissed off at this stupid change.


This guy gets it.


And how many players realistically run 30 a day for 7 days straight? 90 per 3 days is the same cap per week, but less likely to be fully run. Are you seriously going to act like 90 over a weekend is an issue for you? Seriously? And then you have the nerve to call ME a troll?

You speak for nobody but yourself and the frog in your pocket.

Just have 210 a week cap, resets on maintenance day. GG.

You don’t have the awkward 3 day lockouts and hardly anyone should be hitting a weekly cap of 210.

And I called you a troll because your posts have been extremely troll like.


They havent been troll, you are merely lashing out at anything that does not benefit you 100% and those who are not in complete agreement with you.

There is nothing remotely “awkward” about a 90 per 3 days, especially if they have it able to be deduced with api to be tracked. You just don’t like that you would not be able to do a weeks worth of instances in 2 days.


Not even remotely, you don’t understand how this works. It doesn’t cost anything to make a character on other servers.

Go ahead, try it, make a character on four different servers, then notice how you aren’t charged 4x more money suddenly?

There’s a small time investment to get a few more level 60s- lets say it takes a week of botting 6 hours a day to hit 60. That’s a bit of lost revenue for that week, afterwards their weekly profit remains the same or potentially higher if the price of gold goes up due to reduced gold and mats coming from legitimate players that face dungeon limits.

If anything, this lets botters take part of the share away from legitimate players, which ultimately means they have a slightly bigger investment but far greater potential long term profits.

But 4x as profitable? Not even remotely close, a bot that was originally making 4k gold a day on one server will make the same profit making 1k gold a day on four servers each. They most definitely don’t need to be making 16k gold a day overall to make the same profits now as they were making 4k gold a day before.

Unless you can show that the price of gold has dropped 75% since the change.


No but it takes both time and effort to switch characters and to consolidate those resources back to one place that wasn’t required before.

If only there was a way to automate that, we could call it botting.

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In 2 days I will probably hit about 90 lockouts give or take a few.

The problem is its just far easier to do a 210 a week (remember still can only do 5 instances an hour) and easier to keep track of then 90 every 3 days.

Also none of this would affect bots either, they will just realm hop on accounts or make 4x the amount of accounts they have. Bots will still be making profit.

To stop bots Blizz needs to hit the RMT market hard by banning bots (im sure you can creat a program to flag accounts where someone buys 20 wool cloth for 100 gold for human inspection etc) and suspending players for increasing amounts of time per offense.

Do this and bots will not be profitable if their potential customers wont buy from them.

Now if Blizz is working on something like that but need the 30 day instance cap as a bandage till the fix it, I would still say make it 210 a week then remove it when you have a good bot detection program up.


Still not enough and a worthless change. Should actually put money towards combating bots instead of hindering players!

And I know it’s not you, Kaivax. Just terribly frustrated. At least change it from a 24 hour period to reset at midnight. That would at least alleviate some of the problem. A person can really hurt themselves depending on what time they ran instances the night before.


You speak for a small minority and an ignorant one at that.




you realize there are only 2 instances excluded, right?

Thanks for the update and for addressing one of the core problems. It’s a big relief to know that playing in regular instances isn’t going to effect our important raid lockouts.

I have actually played a lot less the last few days to insure I wouldn’t be locked out of raid. I have 3 accounts on the same bnet, and there was confusion at first about weather “all of your characters on your realm” included all bnet accounts on the same realm. Thankfully it looks like it’s per wow account, not per bnet account.

I hope that there can be more changes to help those of us that the cap does effect, even if it’s a minority of players at any given time.

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You realize that being locked out of raids was a primary complaint about the change, right?

Seriously, what is wrong with you that you cannot communicate anything beyond insults?

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If you aren’t going to revert this mistake Blizz, atleast raise the cap to 40 or 50,
give us a way to track it and exclude ZG and AQ20 from this lockout… guilds still run ZG for gear and enchants and I know we will be running AQ20 on cooldown…If you left ZG out because of boosters, just raise the min level requirement for ZG, don’t screw raiders out of AQ20…how are these decisions so half-baked?!


Hit 60 then and get back to me.

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