WoW Classic Hotfixes -- Updated November 16

even a small handful of non bot players being negatively impacted by the instance limit is too many imo, especially considering that there are more effective ways to combat bots that have less or no impact on the actual player base. reconsider the instance limit please.


can we revert this change? this 24 hour period is BS. If I come home from work and do 3-4 hours of dungeons in the evening and then play during the afternoon the next day, I locked myself out for the rest of the day. Without a built in counter this change is super frustrating to even worry about.


Its a good step. However the 30 day lockout affects people like me.

Monday through Friday I work so Im lucky if I get 1 hour a day to play. However Saturdays and Sundays I play about 14 hours each day. The 30 lockout cap is very much a reality to me still.

Is it possible that we could get a Weekly Cap instead; say a total of 210 instances (excluding raids and PvP) for those of us who have disproportionate gametime schedules.

In a nut shell it wouldn’t change the 30 cap average a day but for those of us who only play 2 days a week it wont screw us over.

Oh its going to get worse come time the weekend when its the only time players like me have time to play.

Really it either needs to be a Weekly amount cap (that resets on maintenance day) or no cap at all.


Good adjustment. Now an indicator would be fitting, akin to a threat meter.

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Proof that no matter what, a fringe group of players will complain.
This just in:


I mean, for god’s sake dude.


Not good enough. Quantify what a “small handful” is, it was obviously enough that you felt the need to do this change but recognizing that you’re impacting legitimate players is a step in the right direction.

At minimum, give us an API to check out reset status if you can’t find a developer to make a UI for it but I still believe that this was a horrible change that should be reverted completely.


You think maybe that’s a problem? What did you get when you sold your soul, by the way? Just curious.


This looks to be targeted at bots. To bad it will not be an issue for them since they will just swap realm when they reach their limit. I suspect botters already farm in multiple realms, but even if they do not it will be no time before they set up. This change is terrible for 2 reasons.

1st bots can get around it
2nd it affects legit players


Are you implying that DM or UBRS are 40 man raids? I can be locked on instances and still get these buffs to bring to raids?

Should at least be a weekly cap though of 210 instances excluding raids.

I play 1 hour a day M-F but I play 14 hours a day Saturdays and Sundays. This weekend I will almost certainly be hitting the 30 instance cap with in about 6 hours.

If it was a weekly cap that reset on maintenance day most players wouldn’t have any issue aside from no lifers without jobs playing 10+ hours a day every week.

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What you are saying is a much better solution and would cause the change to affect legit players less. It would definitely be a better option and serve the same purpose as far as bots are concerned. To bad it still won’t do much to hurt bots.
Blizz needs to 86 this change like spoiled poultry.


So you are running 25 instances total during the weekdays, (assuming the same instance and you are ONLY running instances and not the 99.99999999% rest of the game’s content)

Are you really saying that you would need to squeeze 185 instance runs (not counting 40 man raids) into your weekend? Get out of here dude.

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Just because a limit seems unreachable does not mean it should exist. There is no good reason for the instance total daily limit to exist. The hourly limit is plenty to prevent any abuse to the instance system by legit players. This change is targeted at bots and will not hurt bots in the long run. It may slow them down for a few days, and then it will be back to normal for them.


Thats not at all what I mean.

I do alot of farming for twink BoE items. I am an altaholic with 5 level 60’s And dont even have an epic mount on any of them yet.

The thing is a weekly cap of 210 instances is the same as 30 a day. Except Im allotted them over an entire week where I have literally almost no time to play Monday through Friday. (210 divided by 7 is 30 fyi).

It means that the 30 cap wont affect players like me who play in large volumes of time 2 days a week.

A weekly cap of 210 instances would only affect those who play 10+ hours every day of the week.


Here’s the thing though: no legit players are going to be running the full 210 with the 30 per day limit.

Now 90 per 3 days I feel is a decent compromise.

Dude at this point you are trolling.

Its the exact same, having 210 a week will be the same mathematically as 30 a day.

Having it reset on maintenance day just makes keeping track of it easier than 3 days.

Can you just not comprehend what I am saying??? I play 14 hours on Saturdays and 14 hours on Sundays, and 1 hour a weekday M-F.

If you do comprehend that you are just a troll.


“We’re only impacting like 2-3% of legitimate players, it is no big deal”

“Guys, guys, why have we continued to lose subs by leaps and bounds within all our current expansions.”

Maybe you should consider those individuals you impact with assorted changes and realize those are paying customers who enjoyed a particular portion of your service, which you’ve justified as an acceptable repercussion.


Just reminding everyone that the 30 instances change does nothing to combat automated behaviour as Blizz has lied and said it does, a bot can and will make bots on 4 servers and simply rotate, ensuring no downtime.

This only limits the playtime of normal humans because they want to treat you like a child while still charging you monthly like an adult.


put it this way.

entity A sees entity B being a complete dbag to entity C.

entity A thinks it is unfair to entity C and wants to show support.

so blizzard… EVEN THO entity A isnt affected by these changes… THEY CAN STILL BE MAD

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Heres a :heart:

Blizz throttled that, too.