WoW Classic Hotfixes -- Updated November 16

The mind-control thing isn’t really an issue in AV, but okay.

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I’ve updated the OP with:


WoW Classic
April 28, 2020

  • In the Americas region, battleground holidays now start at the same time for all realms.
    • Developers’ notes: While this is a change to how original WoW worked, with battlegroups of realms including only realms that were in the same time zone, it allows us to treat US-East and US-West realms as a single battlegroup for the purposes of matchmaking. Players on US-East realms will now begin and end their battleground holidays three hours later than before.
  • Players can now undelete characters on locked realms, if the character is available for undeletion.
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause fewer than all four Dragons of Nightmare to spawn as intended.
  • Many item enchantments now stack with certain items that provide an identical buff.
  • Many item enchantments that previously took up a hidden buff slot no longer consume a hidden buff slot.

Thank you for listening to the playerbase and merging the battlegroups back together.


How to undelete characters?

Are there any remaining enchantments that continue to take up a buff slot?



Can we please get a list of buffs that were affected by this change?

Can you confirm here that the enchants from libram of voracity and libram of constitution now do not count as a buff slot?


please drop a list of the buffs ty

Novel concept, but proper documentation please. This vague nonsense is useless.

I’m pretty sure we didn’t even get any second window spawns for dragons of nightmare this week. We are a small server and these dragons simply don’t die without my world bosses crew knowing about it. Felstriker OCE

It’s likely arcanums still count as they did all throughout vanilla.

Good to hear about the queue changes. Now if we can get any groups larger than 5 people to be put against other premades of 5 or more that would be great.

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When will I be able to transfer my level 60 alts to Whitemane, where my main is located? It has 0 effect on the population or queues. There needs to be a transfer exemption for people who already have 60s there

In the Americas region, battleground holidays now start at the same time for all realms.

What affect does this have on OCE realms? will our BG holidays now be starting are stupid times like 3pm friday afternoon and finishing at 3pm tuesday?

It does have an influence on the population. Quite simply, If you are playing your alt on another server, there will be 1 less player on Whitemane.

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So if the BG holiday now starts at the same time on all realms for the Americas region what time would that be, mountain standard time? 12:01am MST?

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Please separate the time zones again.

So in essence, there is only US-West battlegroup?
If match making crosses groups, and BG holiday starts in PST time, then it would seem there really is not a battlegroup any more?

Is there some other thing divided by battlegroups i am missing?

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That’s where you’re wrong. Why would I have any inclination to ever play my alt on a dead server? None of my friends are there - they all transferred off. That character may as well not even exist anymore.

May 5, 2020

  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from receiving the correct amount of Cenarion Circle reputation from killing the Abyssal High Council while in a raid.