WoW Classic Hotfixes -- Updated November 16

Says the druid with ranged attacks, stealth, backstabbing, and shapeshifting out of guard nets. Not to mention the ability to root any melee who try to get on the rooftop to fight you in place. And if they try to fight back while rooted with a grenade or bow, the guards will kill them and not you, giving them equipment damage. (You do realize you basically just told us all you abuse the ToS regularly and exploit LoS / pathing?)

I’m well aware of how “fun” it is to be a lv38 trying to hand in your BB quests while a lv60 druid is rooftop camping you, stealthing and backstabbing you, and shapeshifting out of guard nets and getting away with it all day. Now there’s entire groups of people doing that just to grief players.

Vanilla had a fraction of the server population we do. When you have 15 people rooftop camping in every city instead of 1 or 2 due to server population, it’s going to change the experience, and the magnitude of the problem.

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Nope. I in fact did not. I actually said that I don’t participate in rooftop ganking.

Supporting it and doing it are two different things.

I also don’t kill targets that aren’t worth honor unless they’re attacking me.

That’s gotta be one of the worst attitudes I’ve ever seen…

Do you think we could get a complete list of the bug fixes released with the current patch? It would be great to know what was intended, what wasn’t and what has changed.

We need a hot fix for AV before it’s too late.

Oh nvm it’s too late.

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I’ve updated the OP here with a new hotfix that is subsequent to previous bug fixes on Reckoning. Please note that this new fix is waiting on realm restarts, which for most realms will occur as usually scheduled next week.

WoW Classic

  • [With realm restarts] Paladins should no longer lose stacks of Reckoning if they are not facing their target or are out of range to attack the target when the Reckoning stacks are gained.

Any word on looking into Warrior Execute being double batched?


Same thing happens with Druids and Ferocious Bite.

Ferocious Bite is cast and the initial Energy cost is deducted. Then, on the next batch tick, your remaining energy is reduced to 0. However, if you gain any energy prior to that second batch tick it is also lost.

I have very often seen my energy go 45 -> 10 -> 30 -> 0 after having used Ferocious Bite.

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still no fix for rogues stealth, it has a mind of its own whether or not I can unstealth.


Please fix the gnomish battle chickens. They just stand there not doing anything and dont follow…

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yep - quite obnoxious, have to carefully time bites with energy ticks during raids as Feral.

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I’ve updated the OP here with recent Classic hotfixes:

January 7, 2020

  • Somnus will no longer become stuck evading when he is kited a great distance.
  • Fixed a bug that caused /stopattack and /startattack macros to pause the swing timer (rather than reset it) when used with abilities such as Slam.
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Really? Rouge players are going to be sad.

It’s 2020 now

Also, when is our BWL update going to happen? @Kaivax


Doin’ some time travelling here.

Fast Fix to the Slam thing but still no word on execute being double batched?


They’ve very clearly given up. it’s full steam ahead with 8.3 and Shadowlands.


The only thing I would say about hunters, is they are practically the easiest class to level. Having such a hard time levelling my next alt.

I know people want hunters buffed for PvP, because they are the worst PvPers in the game, but they do have a lot of redeeming qualities.

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U guys wanna fuking fix how broken feign death is at the moment?

It’s prolly the batching system that is messing FD and they have no clue how to fix it without breaking batching.

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