Fix Reckoning!

Let me ask you this.

If your character gets stunned, generates a ton of rage while being stunlocked, then comes out of stun. Whats the first thing thats gonna happen? His auto attack goes off. And he can then proceed to use WW or MS or BT.

Literally the same concept here. Slam cast time is acting as a stun (except he has to make sure he doesnt attack first so that slam doesnt interrupt the weapon swing timer) and when slam is done casting his auto attack casts right after because he has not attacked yet

What y’all don’t get is if you use the stop/start attack macro with slam you effectively ignore the weapon swing timer. You get an auto attack every 1.5 secs plus the slam hit.


Its not getting changed back, get over it.

it’s bugged friendo

watch the video clip then you will see

the talent gets stuck in a feedback loop if you are crit too many times - which then prevents you from gaining any more charges whatsoever until you either relog or zone out of an instance/battleground

Unlike your 29 twink?

lol see I told you friend…

You have windfury, tremor totems, and ele shamans do the exact same thing as a reck bomb (one shotting you), only they can do it from a distance and aren’t terribly gimping their utility by speccing into it. Kind of ironic.

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So wait…they’re bug fixing something (not facing targets or out of range) they they supposedly bug fixed last week?

they’re doing another hotfix for their hotfix of the original hotfix

i just think kaivax quoted the wrong piece is all

Hotfixes all the way down, baby.

no way do paladins heal bettwr.

you guys get super ae heals.
that you can spam.

paladinsnget sing star heals, and their big heals take forever to cast
so u have to predict to use it or not

You will still lose stacks when you mount etc so its still “fixed”.

nope it’s a hotfix of a hotfix of a hotfix which will most likely require…

wait for it…

wait for it…

wait for it…

yet another hotfix…

yep still missing the mounting issue, canceling a auto will spend all your stacks issue, switching targets blows all your stacks issue. Man this does not look right.

they just dont listen eh?

Don’t listen to these hypocritical dumb dumbs in general who want #NoChanges until it comes to weird mechanic that was actually in vanilla then it’s… well obviously they would bug fix that. Even though that’s a… #Change


They have a fix inc.

And you have Two immune shields, BoF, 6 second stun, and a ranged execute, and a 5 second disorient.

We have 1 immunity shield. Other one can be instantly purged off. BoF purged. We have a great toolkit when people can’t counter it sure. But with 1 priest or one shaman, it negates half our toolkit.