WoW Classic Free Character Moves – Realms

What value are you adding to the discussion? Those kinds of situations people are discussing aren’t black and white. We’re actually suggesting alternative solutions to try and help people get their characters to the server they want.

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Might be a rare situation but what comes of it if someone from 2 of the servers xfering to a singular one have the same name? Like kinda sucks to think you will get your name and be like nah fam sucks to suck.

What makes you think that opening transfers to a PVP server would get players who explicitly chose an RP-PVP realm to troll and grief to leave it?

It’s the equivalent of expecting a politely worded request to stop lootboxes.

For such a small community (by comparison to NA and EU), OCE was heavily severed by only having a single PvP server at launch.

The phased release of Yojamba and Felstriker meant a quick split of communities. This current approach to transfers for OCE still leaves Arugal and Yojamba players isolated from each other. A good alternative would be allowing Yojamba to also participate in a free transfer to Felstriker. This means communities from all 3 servers can relocate and rejoin with friends, while also giving Felstriker the life it needs to be not seen as the “dead OCE server”.


Stalagg choice is to go the twitch streamer reject overflow. Herod and Stalagg want to avoid that cancer.

Why not give people free xfers from those servers to any other server where they also already have a level X+ character. Or to any other server so they can potentially reconnect with groups that got split up?


It’s been a week, with a US holiday. Be less spoiled.


Please Send players to Ashkandi!

This server seems to have 0 level 60s. I would be shocked if this server has more than 50 level 40+ (horde and alliance combined)

THANK YOU !! So Sick of waiting 2 hrs to play on incendius after work. I shouldn’t have to remote into my computer to cheat myself into a game I pay to play lol, I don’t even have any friends playing this game either, this was the third server I rerolled to that went from low to full, was in sulfuras before and same thing happened for those people saying “you should have chosen a low pop”. I did. 3 times.


Herod is not going anywhere! :stuck_out_tongue:

This is stupid. We have toons on Herod we want to play but cant. We rerolled on our own to Kirtonos, why not just allow us to bring the toons where ever we want. Simply put it as FCT off this realm to any realm not on this list??


Sadly this doesn’t help my friend group. We got divided on Skeram and Kritonos. I was hoping there would be some overlap or freedom with xfers.

What about all the other pvp-ers who chose Grobb for low pop and maturity and are now unhappy bout the little queues that it has.


Grobb [x % pvp-ers, y % rp-ers]

current blizz solution:

Grobb [x % pvp-ers, y-z % rp-ers]
DD [x % pvp-ers, y+z % rp-ers]

suggested solution:

Grobb [x-z % pvp-ers, y % rp-ers]
PVP Server [x+z % pvp-ers]

pvp-ers are non rp player in this case.

This way grobb can maintain rp pop while allowing the pvp only pop to be reduced.

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THIS. please, this.


How many of these new servers are Normal or RP " Non-pvp" servers? we have like 10 non pvp servers and 21 pvp ones. We should get a few more normal/Rp severs.

You complaining because you didn’t get the exact transfer you wanted also adds nothing.
Friends being split up only have themselves to blame and will just have to wait for paid transfers or suck it up and reroll

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Right… That was what some of us in this thread are suggesting Blizz opens up sooner than later.

Less queue times for Herod :slight_smile:

This doesnt help that my friends that came back for classic are on a different realm than my guild on retail. Is it possible to allow free transfers to anywhere?

I wish people would stop with such short minded white knight posts. If you actually thought about it, you would realise that it wasnt such a simple scenario that the players are solely to blame.

Especially where OCE players are concerned, only having a single option before launch that resulted in the second biggest queue of all region servers, guilds and friend groups already established before the next server was opened. And in my particular case, friends that had not gathered to come and play classic until 2-3 days after launch.

Their choice was join me and try to play with 5 hour queues, or roll on the new server, and i choose between not playing with them or rerolling and wasting the 3 days i had booked off work and already put into my character.

I chose to stick it out alone for a while, hoping for transfers. Only to find the transfers do not allow me to go to the server they are playing on.