WoW Classic Free Character Moves – Realms

Blizzard has never allowed free transfers from a full server to a full server.


Here’s the problem.

The PVPbros are there intentionally.

They are trolls and griefers. They want to be here. They would not leave. They are our problem to deal with, and not something that your solution would fix.

Some of you will never be happy with what Blizzard does.


I’m grateful for the move, though not happy that we can’t have mail in our mailbox or we are unable to transfer thus forcing me to stay in queue for 7 hours until i can log on.

I would’ve appreciated being able to move to Netherwind, a server i was forced to make another character on due to the absurd queue times on Faerlina.


Blizzard - We will be layering to help with the launch

Forums - That is not Classic Im gonna non stop complain for months!!!

Launch - We Need more layers and servers!!!

Blizzard - Adds more servers and increase server size

Forums - We dont need more servers they will be dead within months!!! We need character free transfers and we want to keep our names!!!

Blizzard - We are going to add a couple new realms and give current players a day to keep their name with our new free character transfers.

“Just a week in” Forums - This is my server Im not leaving those new realms will be DEAD!!! Allow transfers to the Full Realms as well!!! More people will transfer off than transfer to it so the queues will still go down!!!

Blizzard - For ***** sake


Character Moves to a server that has been out for less than a week and has medium pop boggles the mind. You’re absolutely destroying any sense of community we’re trying to build on the server.


you’ll have to get past the queue to transfer in the first place i think, as it will likely be an option on the character selection screen, and not like the paid service where customer service moves your character for you.

People sit in those queues because they invested in their character and don’t have an option to leave other than to start over, and we are being punished because we were able to start on day 1 without a queue because we managed to get on the server first, only to have friends later on skip out on playing there.

Paying money to play the game, vs paying additional money for the service to play with friends shouldn’t be directly compared. The queues are slowly getting better every day on stalagg, it’s only a matter of time before they level out.


Wish they would’ve allowed the original eight servers to freely transfer anywhere except within the original eight, obviously. Would’ve satisfied everyone.


This is the same stuff the did in retail, and people refused to move to dead servers. Stop limiting what servers people can move to and people will move. Also people most likely won’t get their name of choice this late in the game on some of those realms.


As mentioned in the previous thread, please try to ensure Horde Alliance faction balance isn’t completely destroyed on either the transferred server or the old one. This balance is critically important to Classic - we don’t (and never want) phasing; we simply want balanced servers that allow for good, fair PvP.


Oh, shut the hell up. You’re lucky they’re giving you this so soon after launch. Be happy you get it at all.


So you deal with this by moving even more rp-ers off?
pvp-ers are the reason for the queues. So allowing them to move will help the queue issue. Thats the point of this service.
Its not reasonable to move rp-ers off Grobb to help with queues for pvp-ers.

Nobody will wan’t to move to new servers lol. This is way too restrictive. You could just open transfer from any full servers to any low servers and close transfer to low server when they reach their cap…


Hi Blizz,

OCE player here.
Firstly thanks for opening more OCE on day 1. Hindsight is 20/20 and it would have been preferable to have 2 PvP servers immediately at launch but that’s ok.

Secondly, thanks for expanding the server sizes. I’m assuming that this was a temporary fix to help with queues and the desire is to reduce these once the initial rush dies down. If possible, can you confirm if this is the plan?

Thirdly, thank you for offering free character xfers. It was expected for these to be made available but it appears you’ve done it quite quickly (within 7 days) so thanks for that.

Bit of a request here if you can please consider this.

On launch of the 5 friends trying to get intoned Arugal, only 2 of us got on. We logged into character selection 20min before go live, while our friends logged in 15min and later. They were stuck in a 6000-12000 queue. Once you opened up Yojamba, they started a character there. By the time that server was up and working, we had invested 8hours into the game and were level 15+. We made the decision not to reroll with the 3 friends and that was OUR decision. That said, with these character transfers becoming available we were hopeful we could reunite easily and early on. The news was exciting, until the transfer list was confirmed It’s devastating that the “Full” population servers aren’t able to transfer to multiple “Medium or High” servers. I appreciate that the primary purpose was to transfer players to reduce queues and not to reunite friends.

However, reuniting friends would be a great way to protect the longevity and community feel.

Can you please consider expanding the realms we can transfer to?

Can you also confirm the logic why these servers were not open in the first place?

Lastly, can you confirm if paid transfers will be made available to move between Full servers or from a Full server to a High server. While I feel slightly cynical that this is the plan (to generate xfer revenue) I hope that the truth of it is the excitement and hype around classic has greatly exceeded expectations. If that’s true, I’d recommend that if you open server transfers from Full to High, they are either free for a short period of time OR are heavily discounted (50% or greater)

Thanks for reading my post and I look forward to your response.


If you got on a full server and all your friends went elsewhere at most you would have wasted a few hours by rerolling with them.

You only have yourself to blame here


I’m saying that your solution makes absolutely no sense and seems to be based in a version of reality that has no basis in fact.


Rip Netherwind. Great idea letting max lvl characters move to one of the newer servers where currently the highest lvl players are in lvl 35-40 range.


Goodbye Grobbulus. It’s been nice knowing you. sniff

How many characters can we transfer?


You basically did say nothing with that.

Grobb [x % pvp-ers, y % rp-ers]

your (and current blizz) solution:

Grobb [x % pvp-ers, y-z % rp-ers]
DD [x % pvp-ers, y+z % rp-ers]

my solution:

Grobb [x-z % pvp-ers, y % rp-ers]
PVP Server [x+z % pvp-ers]

pvp-ers are non rp player in this case.