WoW Classic Free Character Moves – Realms

RPers migrating off Grobb would just increase the pvp purists percentage on Grobb. People have asked for the exact opposite.
It should be Grobb to PVP server.
That would also fix Grobb queues.

Nice!! Doing great work, thanks

and people are still trying to find something to cry about…


Blizzard seems to be always doing the right thing! Thank you so much blizzard this would’ve been a great opportunity for people who got separated from their friend and guilds during the launch experience to get back together.

Looks like I’ll be staying on Herod



This is a very bad idea. The only reason why Blizzard is now allowing character transfers is to motivate people to get off the full realms by luring them with the virtually 100% chance to retain/reserve their name during the transfer (on some of the realm offerings).

Allowing people to do the opposite and transfer characters from low pop realms to full realms would defeat the purpose and just add to the headaches and longer queues.


Yup. This doesn’t help at all if nobody wants to move because Blizzard is once again only thinking about solving their own problems instead of ours.


“When free character moves become available from one of the most highly-populated realms, players will see the option to initialize a free character move on either the character select screen or the queue screen of the realm.”


Oh, the other thread.

Thanks for the additional information. I will mention for Grobbulus, it might be a good idea to also include a reg pvp server to move to as I know there are some players on Grobbulus who only chose it to have shorter que times.


Move from a high pop server into a low pop one that will be dead soon? Lol ya ok good idea, why don’t I just do that LMAO, oh and I can’t even transfer back again either

what a joke


Blizzard. You guys are absolutely blowing a good thing. You’re given all the oppurtunity in the world yet you fail to listen to your community and see i guess you guys just see a means to an end. Listen to your community. Let these “full server” players be able to pick which server they want to log into and play on. Let their character be able to log on say “server A” today, and if they want “server B” Tomorrow. You guys need to adapt and build off of something new. Why not try that something new with classic? A breath of fresh air. It’s utter chaos right now, and you’re losing subscriptions by the minute.


I don’t think the “would have rolled on a PVP server given the option” crowd is a significant number of people.

There were plenty of low-pop PVP servers. The PVP “purists” who have no intention of RPing rolled on an RP-PVP server intentionally and would not take a transfer.


Did players seriously think you were going to be allowed to transfer to another full server?


Are you suggesting that a large amount of the population would pay money to sit in a bigger queue by transfering to herod or stalagg this early? I really doubt that.

Devo. I cant transfer to the realm my friends are on. GG. its not even full.


No, not during name reserving phase. The queues should not decrease by moving rp-ers off but by letting pvp-ers migrate. If queues are an issue the incentive to move would be the same.

It wasn’t unreasonable to consider because while two servers might be full, a server like stalagg can be 3x as full as a server like sulfuras. Many of those “full” servers will have their queues disappear before other high pop servers.

Considering that there are players currently who pay money to sit in the 9000+ queues for those realms on a daily basis… I don’t understand how you’d doubt that. Many people are stupid, so yes, they would sit in a queue…

…Then suddenly you’ll have morons on the forums complaining how they transfered their characters off the low pop realms and on to a full realm and now are stuck in a queue and can’t play, even though they put themselves in that predicament.


I think this is unfair. My friends and I specifically rerolled to Kurinnaxx because of queue time. Now our characters that we have invested hours into are worthless if I want to play with other friends that had to do the same. We should be able to move too.


Good luck with some of those. Faerlina is the streamer server, so its’ their followers who aren’t going to leave. Then some of the others have common language groups and another had politically specific groups that moved there.