Wow Classic Eranikus Not Allowing Boosts

I took the character transfer off of Benediction to help with queues and escape them myself. After doing so I went on Eranikus and saw my rogue there. I thought “hey this is a good time to get my alt going with my boost” so I make my lock and go to use my boost to find it’s blocked. This has to be an oversight, there’s no reason you should not be able to use your boost on a character if you are on the realm already. I can make many more characters on there but not boost any of them. Hopefully there is a Blizz answer coming for this or they fix it quick. Will be a big shame if we cannot prep our characters with the boosts we have purchased, or worse yet use them on launch even…

Yeah, they shouldn’t have locked it immediately. It should have been open to everyone until it was almost full and then locked.

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That was well known before I bounced to Eranikus.

The thing is, the locked status was always there because it was ONLY open to transfers from Benny, Faerlina etc. So it just does not make sense. I am not some random person choosing the server and trying to boost there. I am someone who already occupies a slot on it because I transferred and I now wish to make another character to boost. It still allows you to make the characters too, and either way it wouldn’t make a difference as me having a character there already means I would be one slot on the server. This has to be an oversight on their part.

They’re already trying to find a solution. Eranikus - Character Boost - #3 by Kaivax

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