WoW Classic Era Realm Connections Coming May 18

I started on Azuresong and it was the lowest populated server I think since it’s “newer”.
Glad to see it goes with Ateish, which is a lot more populated so it won’t having 5 people there lol.

Nice catch, by region/type/time that should be linked with Ashkandi, Mankrik, Pagle, Westfall, and dare I say Bloodsail Buccaneers.

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I’m fine with merges and ghost towns. Not with cross server crap.


You would rather lose all of your names in a race to take them instead of seeing -Stalagg or -Thalnos on the end of some names?

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This is a merger. This is how blizzard does mergers. its not CRZ



Dad realms unite!


Either you guys just completely missed the opportunity to improve the faction balance on PvP EST servers, or you’re purposely making them one sided so people will have to pay to transfer off.

How else do you end up putting every single alliance favored server in one group, and every single horde favored server in the other. There is no way that’s by accident.


i think connecting is good for Era but damn now my chars will be on like 90% horde PVP realms :frowning:

Why did you connect these ally heavy realms together and these horde heavy realms together? I don’t get it.

I also think these connections were already half done because I’ve been seeing my Herod characters names when trying to send mail since the 8 hour patch. I’m also going to be connected with my first server, the one I just mentioned… that I left.


You want to play on a dead realm? What is wrong with you?

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Y loatheb? :c

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The first grouping is fine, but some of these will be super imbalanced.

The last 2 groups in particular are basically mostly lopsided alliance realms grouped together or lopsided horde realms grouped together.

Feels like a bit of a missed opportunity to actually balance out populations, especially with Chronoboons in the game, griefing isn’t going to be as big of a problem in classic era realms.

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Remulos (Oceanic PVE) is missing. But it’s going to be difficult to find a place for it as the only other Oceanic realms are PVP.

If you’re doing cross-realm connections rather than actual, REAL merges, do you have the technology to allow players on a PVE realm to remain unflagged in zones while those on a PVP realm remain flagged like normal?

So you are ok with losing your name then?


This is NOT cross server. Its connected realms. . You are all ONE BIG server now! For what that matters with how few will be around.

Think man. Just stop and think. Outrage does nothing for you.


This is a huge relief. However, it’s still not cool that it took this long to confirm this info. When TBC was officially announced, many (if not most) of us assumed that there would be some form of combining Classic Era servers, but when you remained silent on the matter until just 5 days before that change was to happen it lead many of us to believe that vanilla would just be left for dead. I guess this news is better late than never, but it’d be nice if you guys would just be better about openly communicating your plans instead of waiting to see how many people are ticked off before acting.

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That some guy is on YOUR server, and you are on HIS server.

Rocket Spaghetti!


Just a hunch here but Remulos (OC only PVE server) will most likely be super low populated in classic era. Any thoughts on what to do there?

This removed all incentive for me to clone my characters. You killed classic


Nothing about Sul’thraze?

Hope they put Loatheb in there since its already pretty dead this would be the last nail.

There are 2 concerns here for me.

  1. I have horde and alliance on connected pvp realms now. How will that be affected by the rule of not being able to have both factions on the same realm. And will this rule remain in place for pvp servers.

  2. would it be better to wait and see the populations that remain in classic after the prepatch and release of tbc before connecting realms.