WoW Classic Era 1.14.4 PvP Ranking Update Examples

Metagame less and enjoy the PvP. Why min-max it to death?

Is it possible to go from rank 7 to rank 10 with this system?

Pretty sure you can’t if I’m understanding how it works correctly:

rank 7 - 3,500 + 3,000 + 2,500 + 2,500 = 11,500 rp = rank 9 + 1,500 (if max honor gained - 394842 based on Dragonballz’s calcs)

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Im so confused after reading the blue’s examples and then seeing Dragonballz math. Blizz examples shows rank 2 to rank 5 with 500000 honor earned. How much less honor could you earn to still achieve rank 5 from rank 2?

Yes, the blue post is confusing. Dragonballz seems spot on though.

There is a smaller “cap” for the lower ranks. Blizzards example actually shows that getting the 500k is unnecessary at the lower ranks, and they wrote that out in a technical way that they understood.

I also do understand what they said somewhat because I knew the old system inside and out but I still find what they saved confusing as I’m not a big “spreadsheet math” person so even to me it’s complicated. I can imagine that someone who didn’t really know the old system and also isn’t a big math person would be seriously confused.

IMO they should have broken it down in a less technical way. I’ve done tech support before and that was half my job, helping people understand things they didn’t. I can only imagine the phone calls and chats over this one, if that was even an option.

If someone makes a calculator it will be way easier for most people to understand. I could definitely see this happen as there are many who love mathy things in the WoW community.


You’re right. They did a terrible job of explaining this unnecessarily complicated system. The example which is supposed to demonstrate you should not be grinding 500k honor at rank 2 could easily be mistaken as you need to grind 500k honor at rank 2.

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Agreed. It’s basically techspeak. They honestly should have gotten someone else to look over it.

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It literally made me think i need to grind way more honor then i was expecting because im rank 2 and would like to gain as many ranks as possible this week…

I calculated (with the math they provided in examples above) how quickly you could rank if you hit honor cap every week starting from 0 (unranked) here is what I came up with…

start - unranked
week 1 - rank 4 10000cp req. 10000 cp earned
week 2 - rank 7 25000cp req. 25500cp earned
week 3 - rank 9 35000cp req. 38000cp earned
week 4 - rank 11 45000cp req. 48000cp earned
week 5 - rank 12 50000cp req. 54500cp earned
week 6 - rank 13 55000cp req. 58500cp earned
week 7 - rank 14 60000cp req. 60500cp earned

Am I bad at math or are the numbers they posted wrong? Is the required cp for rank 14 60k or 65k? Is the minimum time to get rank 14 still 8 weeks?

I’m technical, not math specifically but a programmer and it took me a good hour to untangle the mess that is this blue post.

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Well I’m glad it’s not just me because I went to school for computer science and that was leaving me feel like maybe I’ve totally lost it or am just getting too old.

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Getting 500k a week is still unhealthy. 250k should be the cap. I’m pissed that once I reach rank 12 and beyond I have to sit nonstop basically for 3 weeks. I hope I don’t die in the process of this achievement which should be labeled as abuse.

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Hell nah. That would be way too casual everyone and their grandmother would be rank14. 500k is generous enough. Rank14 isn’t meant to be for everyone.

You can only go up 3 ranks + 0.99 so week one is rank 3

FBI here. We heard that you’ve collected… 50,000 CP’s this week alone! Straight to jail with you.

No. No no no no no no NO.

This is rank 14 we’re talking about here, not Tier 0 dungeon set.

Hello…Blizz? Can we get some clarification please before Tuesday. Why not just tell us the conversation rate between honor and CP.

X Honor = X CP. I don’t understand why you would just assume making two examples where one is contradictory to a table you provided is sufficient for the playerbase to understand how much PvP we need in order to rank up.


Is 500,000 honor required to gain ANY progress from rank 13 onward or can you grind say 300k and still make progress, albeit slower?

Basically what I’m asking is what is the MINIMUM honor required to continue making forward progress from rank 12 onward?

As long as your “expected rank” is above your current rank you should make progress. Meaning if the amount of honor you have achieved this week equals more than your current CP you will increase in CP. Hard to know what the honor needed for that is though.