WoW Classic Closed Beta - Level 40 and Arathi Basin Testing

(Volitar) #23

Add more people into the beta.

(Havokheart) #24

Most of them probably. I wouldn’t take a streamers word for it being done 100%. Seems like a questionable source of information. Blizzard said they would evaluate the need for invites as beta progresses but most have gone out.


So glad streamers get to play 2/3 of the game while everybody else has to wait 3 months or play stress tests for 1 day.


Can I has beta inv please;)


Lets go Boys! Cant wait to watch the madness! :heart:


Will you be sending out more invites at this time?


RIP alliance dueling tournament.


Cant wait to play and get my mount now :upside_down_face:


Sonii - confirmed on stream yesterday that he was informed that if you didnt get in yesterday then You werent getting in.


Are more invites coming out or was Sonii telling the truth that no more invites are coming out?

(Fellína) #35

Nice! Time to get some faster runs for SM!


I would love a beta invite as well! Waiting until August is going to be brutal >.>

(Mini) #37

Is that someone from Blizzard?

(Partypooper) #38

Too bad this new does nothing for me xD, no beta ftw :stuck_out_tongue:


I was thinking about how I can get into the Closed Beta… so here it goes!

Hey Blizz,
Can I get into Closed Beta please with a cherry on top? I have been in several other closed betas, so you can count on me to become a good streamer, I mean tester. (:


Closed Beta is for streamers only. Stop asking


Yes but Sonii is very toxic also since level cap is increasing we are likely to get new testers.

(Havokheart) #42

He was probably trying to get his chat to stop asking. Again calling a streamer a questionable source of information is being generous. It’s probably bull. If they need testers they will invite more like they said.

(Mini) #44

Yet, you’re not a streamer yet.

(Ristra) #46

Keep to the roads, they are safer!