WoW Classic Beta Alterac Valley Test Info


Yeh. Ok. I LoLL’d …


How do you expect to get valued testing of a 40v40 BG when there’s barely enough people playing Beta as is to fill WSG games? Without sending more invites or allowing stress testers to access AV testing you’re never going to get more than one game at a time and I’d be awfully surprised if that one game was full.


invite please i will stream it “cheapatak” on twitch i have been playing wow for 15 years check my account
thanks again for all your hard work on this classic team

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Out of curiosity, are able to provide evidence to those claims.

While I agree that the majority of players probably don’t want to spend more than 1 second longer than they have to with a particular task in todays game, I feel it’s but a symptom of the emphasis on rewards.
In modern WoW people often aren’t doing content for the fun of it, rather they are doing it for the shiny bauble at the end.

I didn’t find this was the case in the earlier days of WoW where people understood that progression would take time and they were willing to enjoy the journey to get there.

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:open_mouth: The nerve! lol

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It is to keep you subbed for a mini game.


well that’s why they are FORCING THEM to play it shut down the other sever and AV is all they can do that weekend.

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can the stress testers join this one please?


Meh each to their own


Broken You might want to add the dates to those patch notes so people can see just hold long 1.12 was in the game verses the other version of AV. While I liked 1.5 it did not last long at all.


Wait, is this open to more than just who is in the beta now?


Is there any reason for the testers to be lvl 58 other than to hide how nerfed the content is for lvl 60 players? I’m trying not to be cynical but this seems like a cheap ploy to prevent people from asking for old AV.

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AV was in an unnerfed state for like 5 months until the nerfs/removals in v1.8, when MoHs appeared and you had to be there at the end and games were forced to end quickly for efficient honor grinding. The nerfs and removals from 1.8 onward were not to make the BG better but rather to simply make it end more quickly.

Spans of time that each patch existed is not the point. It had no relevance to the quality of the BG’s content.

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Glad am not the only one who saw right through that.


Whoops you’re right I skimmed over that part. Still, with the version of AV they’re using I feel like people are going to play one or two games then simply stop for the weekend. Most people won’t bother putting much time or effort into a character with no progression.

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Yea, there is a reason we are ask g for 1.5.

BUT you made your bed, enjoy the short AVs, NOTHING like the days any real classic player remembers.

That is why I quit WoW and WoW classic for good after 14 years, you messed with the wrong thing Blizzard and it finally broke the camel back!


For us Aussies that’s Sat 7AM AEST


Question : Is it closed beta or stress testers too will be invited?


So : Warsong , Arathie, Alterac. Will there also be developped what was likely going to be developped before BC came out ? - I m thinking about some content in Azshara, like some Azshara battleground, lot of “not said” here-. Not that some would want or not.




This entire time period should be OPEN BETA to the AV server only!
This will make a great test and people will not be able to do other content of the game and get bored before the Launch. More people will re-sub for this limited BETA access to only AV.