WoW Classic Auction House to Temporarily Close on May 14

Makes sense, I’m missing a few stacks of items

worst part is that if you had a low bid and reasonable buy out price and someone bid on it they are winning the tiems in the back ground and you are losing money

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i think it will be okay

Who the heck came up with this stupid idea ? All my bags are full of stuff I should sale… Congratulation for having this stupid idea.


4 days for a job that should take 2 hours. yawn…

i hope tbc fails hard because of their new boosts and pay to win systems

Cloud and Data Solutions Architect here.

This is the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard of, and trust me - I’ve heard a lot of dumb ideas.

The person who’ve came up with this should be fired for incompetence.

There’s lots of ways to replicate the data AND avoid possible issues like items duplication. It’s just more work that this genius wasn’t up to.

Now let me explain why exactly both the idea and its execution was so dumb from the business perspective. There are people like me who have life beside games. I could manage 4-6 hours of play time every other week. Last time I checked in Azeroth - this announcement didn’t existed. When I got back online past Saturday - the auction was already closed. I dunno when is going to be the next time I’ll be able to waste some time on the game, so this “minor inconvenience” costed me about 4-5 weeks of downtime on my sales.

Not coincidentally we, the busy people, have the higher solvency ratio than the most players here, and we are the ones who can understand how economy works. We are the ones who do not freak out from $35 price tag on the character transfer service and we understand that it costs $ to keep the lights on and we are happy to pay our share for our enjoyment. We appreciate that the company only trying to make profit from such an optional services so it can pay for the rest. But in this specific case you did not cater to us - you cater to these noisy kids who have all day to them to moan on twitter how $35 is too expensive (it is literally 2.9 cups of frappuccino). Well, I could see a clear pattern here - you cater to the wrong audience that renders you unable to hire the best talents who would be capable of solving such a basic data migration challenges. Hooray to you!

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Most of your post isn’t needed. Sorry that this caused issues for your pretend video game currency. Also sorry that you didn’t do what others did and embrace it and sell items manually for double the amount while being part of the server community.

Now sure some of your post is fine and you are allowed to express your opinion but damn. My guild has people who make $$$ including software engineers, a doctor, car salesman, business people etc. Point being they have disposable income, and none of them cried this much about the AH being down or anything else with the game. You’re not special because you have real life money and you don’t need to deflect by talking about it.

They probably mostly didn’t want to have duplicates as you said and also bog the mail system down more. You are allowed to complain but please try to do so without attacking other people who don’t even work for Blizzard.

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There is one wee advantage to someone in my situation.

My first level 33 Warrior needs new Blue Weapons, and the AH usually have them priced at more than I have in my pockets.

When the AH opens up again, Im betting there’ll be a flux of Blues on there that will generate competitive prices, and thus the means for me to obtain new ones for a price within my limits :slight_smile:

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Gee… if only the players had been asking questions about something that would inevitably cause a huge problem when launching the patch.

If you had to shut down the AH because of the problems with copying data of pending transactions, then it should have been obvious that the mail system would also be a problem.