WoW Classic Auction House to Temporarily Close on May 14

No not necessarily, some people want to just stay on classic and not progress and others like me want to play TBC and eventually Wrath.

  1. Can you please let us know when the character snapshots for cloning will be taken?
  2. What will happen to our mail?

“Thank you for your understanding.”

Sorry not to sound too facetious, but I don’t understand because this explanation is super vague and as someone that mostly plays over weekends to farm/sell/buy/etc. this hoses me personally a bit and I am sure it does others as well. Why would you do this over “prime” gaming time instead like around reset to begin with?

multi dollar company. they need to shut down the ah so their one part time intern can set up the pre patch


My guess would be turning down time tho they would have to wait an hour at least for any mail that’s isn’t delivered yet before taking it.

No one is forcing anyone to play TBC, if they wanna stay classic then stay classic but there’s no need for separate servers for each expansion.

They are.

The clone is to preserve Classic Vanilla, it doesn’t have anything to do with adding TBC.

I don’t think that word means what you think it means

Will this happen at the same time on EU realms? There is no announcement on the EU forums.

People are really complaining about the AH being down for a few days to accommodate this major transition? Just LOL.


Personally, I was hoping to make another hundred or so gold between now and pre patch. Which will become very hard, if the AH is closed.

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may 14 - may 18

a few days…

Welp, this is stupid and sounds like rookie work.
Like boi, ya’ll need to shut down trading for 4 days?
You couldn’t do it Monday on at least Sunday night?
Small indie company and all that.

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well, even IRL stock market had to shut down sometimes for days or months

It’s 4 days.

What fits your description of a few?


They still don’t “need” to clone the servers, this is just how they decided to do this particular launch.

I am of mixed feelings about it. I don’t like that the default is to move your toons to BC Classic. I would have preferred that Vanilla Classic toons remain intact and the player could then decide to move the character ON to BC.

This would make the entire cloning process unnecessary.

The presumption seems to be that everyone will want to move on from Vanilla Classic. This, despite the fact that for years, servers for every expansion were available (privately) and yet the single most popular ones were Vanilla.

Another thing that bothers me is the opportunistic offer by Blizzard to clone for cash. Seriously, it takes 0.2 seconds to copy any existing character, their mail, their banks and their inventories to the PTR, I cannot even guess what possesses Blizzard to charge money for this “service.”

At least they have overcome their rectal-cranial inversion and lowered the cost from $35 to $15 but even $15 is ridiculous (see above).

Anyway, I just cleared all mailboxes because I never assume things won’t go wrong.

what happened to items you had listed in AH?

I posted some stuff last night, some stuff sold but some of the stuff that didn’t is missing… will it be back on the 18th?

Why were the auctions that were on not frozen or canceled you have just given a way for people to exploit the systemby allowing the auctions to continue when it was closed so we could not control our stuff. You have just cost a lot of players a lot of gold and it is unacceptable what is blizzard going to do about those auctions?

No the auctions are continuing to run in the back ground.