WoW Classic Arathi Basin Unlocks March 11

the cycle of life and death continues.

hopefully first weekend is AV so alliance can finish out their rep and mass abandon it


fix av b4 the weekend!!!

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Glutmaster? Enough.
Go make a topic and cry there…again.


I am looking forward to a few rounds of AB or until the premades completely take it over lol.
Really looking forward to playing it on my twink. Such a great map to play on with low levels


I look forward to camping pugs at their spawn point then drinking their delicious forum tears.

AB was always my favorite. Any word on protection against premades? WSG is impossible to pug b/c of them and AV is just a disaster all over, so AB is really the last chance for Classic PVP.

Looks like I need to make a priest to start MCing Horde off the lumbermill cliff. Best part of AB.

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Yes. Bring your own.

Why would you expect AB to be any different than WSG?

I really wish they would just remove the solo queue option from AB and WSG all together.

Leave solo queuing and the lone wolves in that dumpster fire of a BG that is AV.

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Or they separate premade teams vs. premade teams and solo teams vs. solo teams. And before you say no, solo matches can run 45 minutes when two pugs go against each other in WsG. I know I’ve played several so the HpH still remains high for premade teams for quicker matches. All it does separating the queues is make premade teams play quality players of their skill level instead of padding their honor graveyard camping solo teams.


My solution does the same thing. By forcing everyone to play in a premade, you achieve the same result of premades vs premades exclusively.

I assure you its easier for Blizz to remove a button from a queue dialogue than it is for them to rework the entire matchmaking process.

Look at

all these




Grow a pair and face them. Or make your own premades. No wonder society is so weak these days. The slightest inclination of resistance and you all come to the forums crying for protection instead of enacting change in your own lives to overcome the difficult times.


Never have I ever read a reply where the poster sounded so much like an uncivilized ape.


Not all servers can field a premade team however, let alone a composition that can fight another team’s composition. Your basically a pug at that point. I know every day we might get 2-3 people, and maybe upwards of 8 but never a composition to be considered better then a pug.

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Just a note. If theres horde that needs AV rep, you had better get it the first AV weekend bonus. Because I can guarantee you the alliance that are close will likely go ahead and finish it that weekend and never bother again.

So if you EVER want to get your AV rep without 5 hour queues once they add AB you better get in there and get it done that very first AV weekend, or you are done…

Umm, I’m a grown man with a life. I want to be able to pop on and play a quick BG, but I’m being prevented from actually playing because of the no-lifers. NTY.

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So telling people to face their fear. Is now being an uncivilized ape?

Kids these days, smh.


I got my reputation maxed back by day 3 of AV, only reason I go to AV now is because I like the fighting aspect of it over objectives. WsG and soon to be AB just rub me wrong with all the premade vs. solo teams that just get graveyard camped. To me doesn’t matter how long the queue gets, I will still play it.

Please Blizzard really consider maxing parties for AB at 5. Leave the honor grind meta in WSG, and let 80%+ of the population enjoying a Battleground without getting stomped most of the time. Or at least try it and see how it unfolds. I understand AB gives more honor per game. But I think most “pugs” would agree they’d rather play AB over WSG. Right now a tiny part of the population enjoys Battlegrounds.

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