WoW Charity Pet Program $500,000 USD Goal Reached – Bananas Unlocked!

I feel like I missed a step somewhere. I redeemed it. The shop now shows I have it. Pet greyed out in game still. Logged out, logged in again. Still don’t have Bananas. :\

Can someone who got the pet tell me what I need to do?

Best way to claim pet and ensure you received it:

  1. Exit game
  2. Use the shop in the BattleNet app to claim the pet
  3. Go into your retail folder and delete your cache folder
  4. Log in and you should get a pop up telling you that you received pet!

Y’all are awesome! Keep it going for a great charity!


I claimed it through the Bnet app shop outside of the game. I deleted my cache folder, then booted up the game and it shows as there.

I’d suggest exiting the game and deleting your cache.

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So- as someone who already HAS Bananas (got lucky in the TCG) is there another gift I can select? Otherwise, this seems a little flat for me. And yes, I donated generously because we always do.


no, this was the gift.

if you don’t want it, claim it and cage it to sell later


If you’re having trouble claiming your pet, try the following:

  • Completely exit the game by closing the WoW client – don’t just log out of your realm.
  • Restart the game by pressing the PLAY button in the launcher.

Once you’ve logged into the game, Bananas should now be appearing in your pet collection.


I’ve tried all this, and no matter what I do, despite the shop saying that I’ve already claimed the gift, it is not appearing in game for me. :frowning:

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sorry but this doesnt work…so do you plain to fix this?

Seems those who are still having issues had to completely exit and wait a bit. I’m sure it’ll show up or get fixed.

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waiting 30mins so far and what a shock still no pet.

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Try fully closing bnet or restart your pc if your not sure how.

yep did all that, logged out of Bnet closed it completely waited 10mins opened bnet logged back in clicked play selected toon no pet.

I think this is absolutely amazing that we are a community can come together to help those in need.


and yet blizzard still cant get stuff to work correctly lol

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Maybe it is like the I wish it was burning tree mount which took several days for everyone to get one the blue post did say it could do that just because you claimed it doesn’t mean you get it right away just means your account is flagged to receive one.

There was no testing of this, so yes, bugs will happen. Just have to be patient.


you do know blizzard never fixes bugs right? you know how many bugs are still in SL that blizzard knows about they have videos and pictures of and still havent been fixed.

When has GD ever been patient they want it and they want it now :rofl:


And you know this will get fixed. Geebus. :roll_eyes:

Yup. lol

I tried, I’m out.

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worked for me, i claimed it thru the bnet app, logged in and i got my 2nd Bananas. didnt have to delete any cache or folder, it was just there. at some point ill cage it and sell it.